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Crazy Lee

What's the fuck up with my neighbors and friends

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So, I might have just lost a friend AND have a neighbor who hates me now, all because of stupidity.

At my apartment there happened to be a shared kitchen area with a sink. I came in to brush my teeth in said sink, saw that someone was preparing meat in another corner. I started brushing my teeth. This Romanian guy who moved in a month ago comes in, probably to prepare the meat in the corner, and gets upset that I'm using the sink to brush my teeth. I finish and get into an argument with him. He's like "The sink is for food and kitchen things, not for brushing teeth. That's what the bathroom is for." I don't know why he has such a demand to use the kitchen sink ONLY for kitchen things, and the bathroom sink ONLY for bathroom things. Is it a personal thing, or something that's a part of his Romanian heritage, I don't know.

Later, I mentioned it on my FB only for a friend to get into this long rant against me that I'm entitled and being selfish, that my opinion doesn't supersede his. That by using the sink for oral health I am ignoring his wishes, that since it's a shared sink that I need to respect his wishes and not use the sink to brush my teeth.

Okay, first off, both of us pay rent for that sink. Second, this was the first time he freaked out about it. How the FUCK was I supposed to know that would make him so upset? In the future, I have decided I would not brush my teeth around him so I won't upset him again. But I don't see why I should just stop using the sink to brush my teeth just because captain germaphobe doens't like it. I can't believe my likely-former friend was claiming I was being selfish because I want to brush my teeth in the sink, and I can somehow read minds and tell this guy would get upset about it. So I should just safe-space the fuck out of my life and never do anything that might REMOTELY upset someone else.

I've lived at that place for 11 years now. This guy moved in a month ago. If anything, if he doesn't like me using the sink to brush my teeth, he can fucking leave.
Oh yea, and my friend kept equating me using the sink for toothbrushing to shitting in the sink or pissing in the sink. Um, two fucking different things people. Am I surrounded by Detective Monk-level germaphobes here?

I am fucking done right now.

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...How do you keep letting yourself get into interpersonal conflict and holding grudges over the STUPID SHIT EVER?

Any other normal human being would have just said 'Yeah, I guess it's a bit weird to brush my teeth in the kitchen sink, sorry, I'll stop' but you have to get into these messes.  ...What do you hope to gain in any of this?

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