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Has anyone played the Yakuza series? With the release of Yakuza 0 on PC and Yakuza Kiwami on the way (and Yakuza Kiwami 2 just having come out on PS4), I've decided to start getting into the Yakuza series and its surprisingly great! For the uninformed, the Yakuza series is a series of 3D beat-em-ups developed and published by SEGA taking place in Japan where you play as members of the Yakuza and get mixed up in crime-related stories in between punching people in the face and doing karaoke. "W-w-wait, karaoke?" you might ask. Yes! But not just karaoke. In between punching and kicking people in the face and throwing them out of buildings and all other sorts of combat shenanigans, you can also explore the city of Tokyo and participate in all sorts of different side-games. Karaoke, playing arcade games, watching JAV videos, bowling, playing Shogi, etc. The games give you plenty to do on the side in the city of Tokyo. Has anyone played these games? They're pretty awesome and extremely err...manly.

They also have really good music!

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I've played a few, started around Yakuza 3 but skipped the remakes and that awful one with the zombies in. Haven't played Song of Life, mostly because you only get one character to play with and I play the games more for their variety than anything else.

I think my favourite was Yakuza 5? I think that was the right one, the stories all blend into one in my memory and I mostly remember them by which ones had the most interesting mini games. Anyway, it was the one where you get two main characters, one of whom is the manager of one of those weird cabaret bars. I loved the fact they'd managed to turn the really creepy hostess-bar mini game from the previous game into something marginally less creepy, and infinitely more playable. I loved that mini game more than the main game I think! :D


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