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The Hearthstone Thread


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I think I'm over Hearthstone for a while. The meta is just simply not fun to play in. I mean, it hasn't been for a while, but... now it's not fun to even win anymore.

I'll probably get back into it eventually.

im too lazy to look up what hearthstone even is even though i hear about it all the damned time but never see it pop up on Steam or something

It's a massively popular card game created by Blizzard Entertainment! And because it's a Blizzard game, is why it isn't on Steam.

Either way, it's a free game that you can play on phone and tablet as well as PC. http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/

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Im terrible at arena. 


I lost 3 games in a row as a control priest :/

Control Priest in arena? You really do suck.

Arena is based on card value, and trying to synergize your deck as much as you can. Using this website can help out with determining what card has the most value out of your choices - but it's still important to remember what may compliment the cards you've already chosen better.

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