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Rave: The people of this forum


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So Phoenixed may be sorta a ghost town these days but like

I made so many friends on FAF and Phoenixed that I still keep up with to this day. Some of these relationships have grown into something very powerful and happy. I've made so many friends that honestly if it wasn't for this forum/FAF, I'd probably be super socially isolated online. There's so many people I hold deep care and respect for, admiration, and even in some case love. Its beautiful, and it happened just as a natural part of interacting with people here. People sometimes talk about this place as if it was terrible or edgy and I mean, maybe there was some of that sure! Too much fighting, drama, and bickering. But there was also friendship and comradery. We all came here to escape the clutches of Neer's terrible handling of FAF and yknow what? Even if it didn't last, we all came together for that, and that was beautiful in its own right.

People sometimes ask me why I still come here and I guess that's part of the reason; I've grown very attached to this place that brought me so much joy in my life, its hard to let go y'know? There are some people that have just...vanished that I never see anywhere. There's a lot of people who I miss and wonder if I'll ever meet again. In some ways I hope maybe I'll see them again and everything will be just like old times. Alas, as unlikely as that may be, its nice to remember the people who left y'know? Regardless, I also remember this place giving me stuff to do growing up. Living in rural Mississippi, there wasn't a lot to do, and y'all gave me some company and some fun and that means a lot.

So here's to Phoenixed. Thank you for helping me meet some wonderful people, and I hope at least some of you got something out of here like I did.

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I feel the same way. It may be a dead forum, but being part of it made up a good portion of my teenage years (14-17). I've grown and changed since then, but who hasn't? It's nice to look back on how things used to be on here, and how I used to be, even if I was super cringey. I mean, I still am, but in different ways now :v

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I dont really speak to anyone from this forum anymore, hell I wasnt massively involved in the community when it was alive, but I get a lot of nostalgia coming back to this place. I remember the late nights back in like 2015 just spending hours lurking through some of the stupid ass conversations going on or reading through the comic thread and trying to contribute despite my god awful drawing skills which have still not improved

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