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FurAffinity changes ownership again!


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First, a reading between the lines:


IMVU, as we all know, bought FurAffinity in 2015 for reasons that are still completely unknown and not understood. You can speculate til the cows come home. Best guess is that someone high up is a loaded greymuzzle. (Maybe Will Harvey had a FurryMUCK account back in the day? Who knows.). Anyway, Kirkland Brand Second Life is restructuring and losing dead weight, and that means the free ride both in income and coding for Dragoneer has ended. It gets wackier:

So he's bought FA back - for more than he paid for it, AND he's gone into debt, AND he's eventually gonna need (surprise surprise) your help paying for it all, once again. The grift is back, baybee!

Dragoneer's constant upward failure and general maximal sleaziness have been a feature of the last 15+ years of furry. It's nothing to sneeze at, but it's also too much to go into here.

In all honesty social media has been so much more poisonous for the subculture that I'm just glad people are still posting on sites owned by members of the community and not just the psychological poison casino nightmare land of Twitter. FA may be a disaster, but at least it's still our disaster.

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Also, going by history and the replies he's gotten to all the announcements he should have no trouble getting enough marks to support the site. FA was crowdfunded long before Patreon and a lot of the modifications that were made to the site during the IMVU years seem have been towards monetizing it (e.g. the "shinies" system). He's also talking about adding user tiers, but I doubt he'll be able to get it going that far. He has been literally nothing but an "ideas" guy the entire time and depended entirely on yak to do the bare minimum.

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Gaming insane asylum ResetEra just changed hands for 4.5 million dollars. A year before, the living corpse of Something Awful was sold to one of it's 100 remaining regular forum posters for 100K. Both completely mindfucking amounts of cash in both cases.

We still don't know how much money Piche paid to get FA back.

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Remember when this guy leaked the existence of a super-secret admin panel for spying on all the private message conversations going on on his site just to own someone in an LJ post and then less than a year later had his site turned inside out for it? Drumpf is the bigger clown though!

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