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Stupid Bombing


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You think it's going to change anything? Think again. US has been the biggest destabilising factor in the world since the 1945 and I can't see it ending in 20 years or so. Even Soviet Union wasn't that bad if we compare amount of illegaly thrown governments and rebellions and home wars caused.

Thank you US. For removing Saddam and destabilising the middle east. Thank you. For acting against Assad and your help in creating ISIL. Thank you. For acting against Kadaffi and creating the migrant problem for us, here, in the Europe. Thank you. For your continous control over the Afghanistan, making solving problem by itself impossible, for continous antagonization of the people living there to the west. Thank you. Because artificial maintaining of  the state of the chaos isn't helping. It's even better to have a stable islamic state such as Iran, which can be controlled, than a god know what with guerilla fighters in the middle. So there are two things that can be done. Leaving them alone, and waiting for them to settle their own issues by themselves, or sending even more troops, ensuring the iron control over the whole country. Because current situation and current solutions are the worst in the terms of building long-lasting stability. Chaos can't be controlled.

That bombing itself is terrible, but otherwise unimportant. Things like that happen at war all the time. And were there any actions taken against Israel after they bombed a hospital in Gaza? No. Have they changed their policies? No. All that can happen is some soldiers getting punished, few degradations, and few resignations. Maybe few high-ranked officials retiring. That's all.

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Loses his job? Dude, he should be in prison until the end of his life.

Person taking the final decision has only as much data as they're provided with. If, according to the intel they've got, everything was in place, they shouldn't be prosecuted. So far we don't know who made the mistake here.

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There was no 'mistake' here in the day and age of extreme-precision smart weapons. It was a deliberate attack.

Yes. Let's make assumptions and let's judge, before the investigation even starts. People do make mistakes. Sometimes a finger slipping is enough.

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