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Your most wanted video game translation/release/sequel/completion/dump


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Since Marble Madness II was finally dumped after a wait of 20 whole years the other day, and just a few weeks before that the 2001 version of Duke Nukem Forever finally got leaked, what games are you looking forward to actually playing someday that are either lost, unplayable without some kind of translation, or otherwise stuck in development hell? Here's a couple of mine:

 - Zeta. A bleak, intensely cerebral hard sci-fi adventure game released for the PC-98 that ooses style and aesthetic from every pore. Even through a rough-draft translation the writing is pretty interesting and hits hard on philosphical themes, especially near the end. There's also a sequel called Nirvana that's even more obscure, but no less great.

A fan translation is being worked on, and there's a playthrough of what's been completed on YouTube:


- Vertexer. An incredible space racing arcade game. Picture a combination between Galaxy Force and F-Zero and you're mostly there. There were very, VERY few copies built, as they were designed to be run in a rare, Japan-exclusive motion cabinet called the IDYA. The MAME team has been searching for a copy for years. New footage has recently surfaced:


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