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Where do the cool kids hang out these days


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It looks like I found where everyone left FAF for 5 years too late :v
I've mostly been hanging around r/furry_irl the past few years but it's not the same - From poking around the forums here it also sounds like there's also been a bit of a second exodus in discord as well. I'm wondering if there's a "new hot place" or something like that or if I'll need to bite the bullet and set up twitter or something like that? (Although twitter ALSO might get sold soon too but whatever 🙃)

Also offtopic rant,
I miss traditional forums. They're not as mobile friendly but they feel so much nicer on a desktop than a twitter feed or facebook group. Discord works pretty well though

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Thanks, I've done since more poking around the past few days and it seems that FaF is healing. I have seen some familiar faces looking around, some of which are in the same boat as me.


I haven't done MUCKs/MUDs before and I don't think I'll be able to commit the sort of alone time for them at this point in my life

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