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Overcoming Creative Blocks


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I think this is a topic widespread among all the different artistry areas, and I think it would be good for others to share how they overcome blocks. 

Whether you are a Writer, Musician, or Artist; nearly everyone will encounter a block.  


I have been stuck in a bit of an 'artist' block, so to speak. I have the idea for how something should sound, but I can never get it right. It has become a bit discouraging, not being able to express the idea. Thus, I have been in a bit of a slump. Figured it would be good to hear how others deal with blocks.


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Take a few days break. A week, if needed. 

Then just make yourself start doing a little bit every day, sort of gradually working yourself back into a routine. Don't be hard on yourself for not going all-out like you used to. Even a little a day will eventually let you get back into your groove of things.

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