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Starting a second playthrough of Twilight Princess

Crazy Lee

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...and I get to the name selection screen and I'm thinking "Maybe I should act like a 13 year old and do the most immature names for this run through"

So, what's some good ideas for names? You can name Link and Epona

Ideas I've thought of so far:
Link - Lonk, Lunk, N*gga, John Cena, Shithead
Epona - Your Penis, Bitch

Also, is there a difference between game cube and wii versions because people are saying GC is better?

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I played Twilight Princess last month. I named Link Yiff and Epona Murr.

There are two major differences between versions, one is the controls, two is that the games are mirrored. There are other minor differences. You can check them out in this thread on GameFAQs http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/928519-the-legend-of-zelda-twilight-princess/43385420

I've only ever played the Wii version. I've had minor control issues, but it's all a matter of paying attention to the motions you're making and not being sloppy with them.

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Oh god, this is such classic shit to do. I named Epona FuckWheat like Buckwheat from Little Rascals. Pretty sure I had to edit it down somehow though to fit the character limit. Can't remember.

And yes, the Gamecube version was objectively better because you didn't have to use a retarded ass control scheme or motion controls.

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