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Hello everyone!

This is my commissions information. The image you see below is just a rundown on basics, however I CAN do many different things including(but not limited to) reference sheets, character designs, pixels, and more. Just ask me if I do them. 


Examples can be found here: http://keyoto-thefox.deviantart.com/gallery/ and http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/-keyoto-kyutoma-/

If you are interested in commissioning me you may message me here on the forums, on my fa, on my da, or through email(Make sure the subject for the email is "commission" or similar)


I'll put more info..but for now, just ask me anything you want. ^ ^


ALSO: I currently am selling Halloween Color-ins of this base I made. They will cost from 5$-15$. Journal is on my da here: http://keyoto-thefox.deviantart.com/journal/Halloween-Color-Ins-564970097

New commission available: 2$ chibi stickers. They look like this and can be almost any species. 

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