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ITT: Opposite day


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I can't imagine why anyone would have a problem with people on the internet throwing their fetishes in people's faces. There's nothing wrong with the absurd amount of voraphiles treating other forums (like FAF, which still exists obviously) like they're somehow vore-related. Everyone with even minor sexual deviancies should aspire to be like that.

The people who spend 15 million dollars on horror movies but whose idea of scaring the audience is throwing loud noises at them occassionally are very talented. Making loud noises when people aren't expect it should rationally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and absolutely nobody could do it without spending money. I often spend nights lying awake terrified that the next day, week or month, something might make a loud noise, which is very clever, because nobody would have the money to make one near where I live anyway, The characters in big-budget horror films who lose their friends or family and act like nothing happened is brilliant writing, because nobody would ever feel any negative emotion when the people they cared about died brutally, and would obviously act like everything was good just because they're getting laid. 

Blood Angels Space Marines are an incredibly excellent faction in Warhammer 40,000 and thats why nothing has demoralising has ever happened when I play with them. I haven't ever lost any battles I would've probably won had I not gotten demoralised, and even if I had, it would be related to something that happened in the late game.

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OP here is salty and wants to get it out passive aggressively

Dude, OP is totally not salty and angry, OP is clearly a happy, non-venting and non-ranting individual with a positive outlook on random events in life. You clearly are playing this game properly, and this game isn't really all that fun, y'know?

Not OT: Dogs suck. Who the hell likes those obnoxious, smelly bastards? They jump all over you and they lick you, and they're not cute. Yeah no, I'm not falling hard for those eyes. My job sucks, I have to deal with these things all the time. I hate dogs!

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