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Kingdom Death: Monster


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I finally received a Kickstarter board game I backed nearly 3 years ago. Was it worth the wait? I sure as fuck think so. It's a miniatures game with gorgeous minis and fantastic game mechanics that make it feel like a Monster Hunter fight for reals, and not just everyone standing around on the same space of the board and draining hit points.  Instead the monster move all around the board, reacts to attacks, and even drags players along with it as it hops around.

Anyways, after about 2 weeks of prep time since getting it I'm ready to start playing it... But my board game night I have every monday at my place didn't happen this week, and now my only alternative to get my itch scratched is to do what I'd planned on doing when I first backed the KickStarter! ... Set up a web cam and play it online with friends!  Well now my friends either don't care or don't wanna do it all gimp like how I've gotten it set up. >.>

Would anyone else be interested? I would like to set up a regular game to be played around the same time every week... could do more if there is interest...  And if there is an ass-shattering response right now I could even host a game right now. 

Campaigns are persistent and a full campaign would last for about 25 battles. A session with good length can have 1-3 battles.

In addition to the battle phase, there is also equipment crafting and civilization advancement.  You can totally get your min/max hard-on with equipment customization.



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