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The Pubic Public Aware of Meam Old Memes.


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I hate the internet. I hate memes. I love TV. 


But now the internet is all over the TV. I was watching a commercial for Jem and thought it was totally outrageous, but then the person in the trailer said "It's like being a meme" to being famous. And I'm just like "Bitch, being a meme is a bad thing". That's like saying being a very successful truck stop prostitute is something to be proud of. And then there were other commercials that reference memes. It's everywhere. It's all around. It's something you can no longer escape. The internet was a cage, a prison for Toshabi. Now that Toshabi finally wishes to escape (and did) to the real world, he now finds himself back in prison. The internet is finally all around. And memes are the prison guards and butch prisoners that force you to sleep with them for protection. And it isn't even real bara.


I hate you internet, you ruin everything, even TV. As if TV wasn't doing a good enough job at ruining itself as is already. TV is the new new faggot.




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Maybe, just maybe, memes are useful to other people. Imagine it like.. a poison dart frog. Dart frogs have bright colours to tell other creatures that they're toxic.

This is like that. See, by spouting memes loudly and obnoxiously, it alerts us, who don't enjoy loud and obnoxious people, to stay away from them. 

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