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Hi Everybody!

I was wondering where the FAF went, not that I was really active there.  I might just stare at you in your sleep lurk here too, who knows.

So for introduction time:

I'm Antumbra, I enjoy drawing, sports, bad jokes, and the over-usage of commas.    

Nice to meet you!

In order to break the ice, post an interesting fact (or facts) about yourself!  For me: today is my birthday and the only thing of note I did was break my toilet seat on accident.

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Hi Antumbra ! !

Hey Hewge!!!

Well, welcome and happy birthday!

I mostly lurked on the old FAF as well, but for some reason I'm a lot more active here.

Great drawings, btw.

Thank you!

Hi again, Antumbra! Nice to see you here. And Happy Birthday to you!
...How did you manage to break the toilet seat...? >>;

I guess an interesting fact about me is also birthday-related. I was born on the 31st of this month (AKA, Halloween).

Heya Antumbra~ :D Happy Birthday! So glad to see you here, hgnguu. <3

I'm wondering the same as Umbra.. RIP yer seat. D:

Well, I went to sit on it to put my socks on and it just snapped in half! O_o

Oddly enough, when I went to the hardware store to get another, there was like a crowd of people looking for toilet seats as well. 

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