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Zerda's Workshop (Temp Closed)

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I currently have a very large workload, and will be reopening my commissions as soon as possible. There will be plenty of new examples when I return. 

Hey guys, Zerda here, I know some of you may be looking for commissions, well I'm offering a lot, for a decent amount. If you're interested leave a comment below or pm me on any of my galleries:

Weasyl: https://www.weasyl.com/~traficalshours

Deviantart: http://traficalshours.deviantart.com/

Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/traficalshours/

Traditional images can be mailed upon buyers request, and digital images will be emailed.

Slots Open:

  1. Taken
  2. Taken
  3. Taken
  4. Taken
  5. Taken

I'm offering a variety of media and sizes:

Character Cards: These are small images that contain lots of personality. Background and pose are a reflection of each character. Small enough to fit in a wallet unlaminated, can be used as a bookmark. Will sometimes use colored pencil on these only.




Watercolor: These items will generally be larger to be able to include finer details. Item will be laminated.

$10 Headshot

$15-20 Waist up

$20-30 Fullbody


Copic Markers and mixed Media: Much like the watercolor these images are bigger, and full bodies are roughly the size of the average forearm. Best for badges.

$8 Headshot

$15-18 Waist up

$ 20-35 Full Body



Current YCH to Offer:

Fall Themed YCH:

1. Taken
2. Taken
3. Taken
4. Taken
5. $15 Apple Bob YCH
    - Any Species/Gender either form




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I really hope this didn't just kill my first post, but I have a few other examples I am working on, as well as offering digital art.

Digital: I do a few things differently here.

$7 Sketch/Lineart

$10-12 Flats (Depends on complexity of the character)

$15-18 Shaded

Images will include a basic background, it can simply be a shadow, or splashes of color.

Examples of Digital work include:



Sketch Dumps: This is where I draw a character of choice in multiple poses up to 6-8 poses depending on the character. There is a background included. The specific image currently used for an example is done traditionally. My other recent example is potentially NSFW.



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