Hey everyone! My name is James I'm relatively new to the fandom, in the sense of getting involved in it and getting to know others in it. I became interested in it when I started listening to Renard and the Queenstons back in middle school. I never wanted to admit it, but when I got to college and started looking up the different con events and the creativity of it all, I thought "hell, it looks like it's fun and creative and I've wanted to be involved for a while". So I'm here now. I'm a nuclear engineer in training in the US where I was born and raised (raised specifically in the deep south in a small rural county, hence the initial denial of wanting to be involved in the fandom). I've been obsessed with all things nuclear for a while. A few interests of mine include making music, mostly alternative electronic and movie scores (I can link you to my soundcloud if you're interested). I write stories and I've written a book I'm planning on publishing sometime next year. My stories are usually sci-fy with a mix of romance (all of it LGBT in part because I am gay). I love all Japanese, Korean, and Italian food. A food connoisseur in general. I love Garrys Mod (video game/physics open world FP) and the associated YouTube videos like GMod idiot box. I'm a big outdoors person, having been raised a boy scout. Anything involving hiking, camping, mountain biking. And the stars and cold. That combination is amazing. Lastly my fursona. So I've only recently given it thought. I really like the name U-235, because that's the isotope of Uranium they use in most standard commercial power reactors. I'm thinking I want him to be a fox. He'd wear a labcoat and be a mix between cartoon styled and realism. Though It'd be cool for him to have blue streaks down his arms and a tuft of blue hair on his head with the tips of his ears and tail being blue. I'd like to draw it but I'm a horrible artist and can't draw to save my life. Does anyone here have a suggestion on an artist I could commission for a reasonable price who could maybe draw him for me? I'd love to see him come to life. I'd really love to see him come to life in the form of a fursuit one day. I'll need to wait until I have a truly steady income outside of college Ha! He's essentially a nuclear engineer who's a bit more on the outgoing side. I'm still developing it all though. I'd love to know where I could get some assistance and feedback with it. Anyway I'm hoping to get to know y'all better and become more involved in this community and the fandom as a whole. Thanks for having this page!