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Your art wanted for furry art gallery show in Santa Ana, California.




We got a note from Scale, the Italian furry artist.  His lush paintings and gallery shows have been featured here: “Scale’s paintings push the limits of furry art, with surprising mainstream crossover.

villa_amoretti_2012aHi! I hope you are doing well! Just a quick note for something you might be interested in promoting: historical fans Mark Merlino and Rod O’Riley are organizing for the third year in a row a furry art exhibit at the Avantgarden Art Gallery in Santa Ana (CA). There is not much time left – (the art needs to be there by the end of April) – but they still have space in the exhibit.  They are looking for art from any furry artist or collector willing to join with either original art or limited edition prints.

Here are the relevant journal entires on FA:
Furry Art Gallery Show in Santa Ana
Still Seeking Framed Art!


Rod O’Riley runs InFurNation and can be contacted at rodso64@hotmail.com. His partner Mark Merlino runs the Prancing Skiltaire furry house.  Both organized ConFurence, the first furry con, and are founders of furry fandom.

A third art show makes promising establishment of a new outlet for furry creativity.  This kind doesn’t seem to have been done very much before.  Shows are a staple of every con, but rubbing shoulders with more traditional gallery artists is a little different.

Read Rod’s own thoughts about the first show, covered for Flayrah back in 2013.

And here’s a great reason to pay attention – Scale’s art will be in it.  Rod says:

We just received a beautiful furry art original from Italy (!) that is going to be part of this year’s Art of Furry Fandom display at the Avant Garden gallery in Santa Ana. Now, you know what we also want to have in our show? Your Art! If you have anthropomorphic framed originals or numbered prints that you’d like to have on display at the Santa Ana Art Walk (and afterwards for a month), get in touch with us! We want to have a good representation of what furry artists are up to — especially those from Southern California. Hurry! We’re hanging at the end of April.

It sounds super inspiring, and I want to share feedback and more about the show when it happens.

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