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We welcome and encourage you to have fun as a member of our community. To promote a positive environment, we ask you to follow these rules and guidelines.

Below are some quick DOs and DONTs and a list of ZERO TOLERENCE items for reference:


  • Choose your user-name wisely and keep your account secure. Do not use explicit language or slurs for your user-name.
  • Keep the site safe for work (SFW). Posts that contain NSFW material will be moved to the Red Lantern. If you don't have access to the Red Lantern and don't want it, do not post NSFW. 
  • Read announcements and pinned threads. Some forums on the site have additional rules and exceptions.
  • Search the forums before posting in the forums. If a thread for what you want to post about already exists, post there instead.
  • Be civil.
  • Report infractions and anything else needing staff attention.
  • Stay on topic in threads.
  • Keep chit-chat to statuses and PMs.
  • Have fun.


  • Impersonate anyone, create multiple accounts, or ban evade.
  • Embed NSFW pictures, links, or videos outside of the Red Lantern. They would show up in thread previews without warning. This means Gore, Porn, anything you wouldn't show to your boss.
  • Post hate speech. (Racism, homophobic, transphobic, bigoted, etc.)
  • Harass, insult, troll, or engage in lynch mob behavior against a user or users. 
  • Post images or text pointlessly, plainly off topic, or just to fill space. Please only use images that are obviously relevant to the topic.
  • Spam. (Spam posts of any kind go into the Black Hole)
  • Post auto-playing media, flashing images, a lot of images, or hard-to-read text.
  • RP in the forums, in comments, or anywhere RP isn't welcome.
  • Make location shout-out threads.
  • Revive a thread with off-topic content. (This means that Necroing a thread is *acceptable* when it adds to that thread discussion)
  • Flirt with or make sexual comments / advances towards or about users without their prior given consent.
  • Make an avatar with genitalalia, sex fluids, or anything sexually explicit. Cropped porn avatars ARE allowed, but of the face alone. 

The following is met with zero tolerance, if you are caught violating them, your account will be permanently banned with no chance for appeal:

  • Alts created without staff's explicit pre-approval. This includes but is not limited to: ban-evasion accounts, accounts made solely to circumvent user ignore lists and cease contact requests, "personal" side-accounts, side-accounts for different personal characters, and "roleplay" side-accounts.
  • Direct threats of violence or harm towards any user, for any reason.
  • Automatically-generated advertising / "spambotting".
  • Advertising services meant to scam users out of money or otherwise acquire money by shady means.
  • Gore / "shock" imagery without explicit warning of a thread's / post's content.
  • Any content depicting minors in sexual situations.
  • Nude photographs / "nudes" of the user's own self or any member of the community.
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