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Phoenix Forum Rules ver. 1.6.7 (Updated 6/02/2017)


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Phoenixed Rules

Updates as of 6/02/17 are in bold

  • Clarification on usernames


Welcome to the Phoenixed Forums! We are a vibrant community of furries and non-furries engaged in discussion of the furry fandom and all fandoms and topics of interest to furries and non-furries alike. Although we were founded as a furry forum, you do not need to be a furry to be welcome in our community.

We invite you sign up and have fun as a member of our community. To promote a positive environment, we ask you to follow these rules and guidelines.

For quick reference (Tl;Dr version):


  • Choose your username wisely and keep your account secure. Do not use explicit language or slurs for your username.
  • Keep the site safe for work (SFW). Posts that contain NSFW material will be moved to the Red Lantern. If you don't have access to the Red Lantern and don't want it, do not post NSFW. 
  • Read announcements and pinned threads. Some forums on the site have additional rules and exceptions.
  • Search the forums before posting in the forums. If a thread for what you want to post about already exists, post there instead.
  • Be civil.
  • Report infractions and anything else needing staff attention.
  • Stay on topic in threads.
  • Keep chit-chat to statuses and PMs.
  • Have fun.


  • Impersonate anyone, create multiple accounts, or ban evade.
  • Embed NSFW pictures, links, or videos outside of the Red Lantern. They would show up in thread previews without warning. This means Gore, Porn, anything you wouldn’t show to your boss.
  • Post hate speech. (Racism, homophobic, transphobic, bigoted, etc.)
  • Harass, insult, troll, or engage in lynch mob behavior against a user or users. 
  • Post images or text pointlessly, plainly off topic, or just to fill space. Please only use images that are obviously relevant to the topic.
  • Spam. (Spam posts of any kind go into the Black Hole)
  • Post auto-playing media, flashing images, a lot of images, or hard-to-read text.
  • RP in the forums, in comments, or anywhere RP isn't welcome.
  • Make location shout-out threads.
  • Revive a thread with off-topic content. (This means that Necroing a thread is *acceptable* when it adds to that thread discussion)
  • Flirt with or make sexual comments / advances towards or about users without their prior given consent.
  • Make an avatar with genitalalia, sex fluids, or anything sexually explicit. Cropped porn avatars ARE allowed, but of the face alone. 


The rules in detail:

We have a staff of volunteer administrators and moderators to enforce our rules and provide help and support where it's needed. You can see which members are on staff in the staff directory.

Infractions of our rules will result in formal warnings and, in some cases, post moderation, temporary or permanent restrictions on your access to site features. Accumulating a sufficient number of warning points or committing serious infractions will result in a permanent ban from the site.

-You may register only one account. Do not register multiple accounts without expressed staff approval. Registering multiple accounts, such as for ban evasion, will result in a ban of all excess accounts and may result in a ban of all your accounts.

-When registering, please choose your username wisely. Do not choose a vulgar or offensive name, and do not choose a name to impersonate any other person. Profanity, sexually explicit, racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic lingo or slang is prohibited for use as or included in a username. Users who have profane names will be offered a name change by a mod or admin. 

-You are responsible for the security and activity of your account.  This includes activity performed with the aid of an extension, plugin, special-purpose browser, or unattended "bot" program.  If you discover that your account has been compromised and you are not able to regain control, alert any member of staff at your earliest opportunity.

-Even though we address topics that are at times mature, please keep our forums safe for work (SFW) . Please remember that all of our community visible to members is also visible to non-member visitors without restriction. Do not upload or embed any content not fitting in this policy anywhere on the site, including posts, blogs, comments, signatures, avatars, and headers. Links, videos, images, and posts containing NSFW material must be posted into the Red Lantern. (See "The Great Red Update" for more details) Failure to adhere to this rule may result in a warning/infraction/ban.

-  Cropped porn" avatars and signatures are allowed on Phoenixed. An avatar or sig is not explicit solely by virtue of being associated with an image that is. However, they MUST NOT: contain any genitalia, whatsoever, focus upon the breasts, genital region, or butt, contain any bouncing breasts, butts, or genitals / bulges, contain any body fluids, contain an explicit / barely censored pose (Two characters having sex with the intercourse cropped out, for example), contain any underage characters.

-If you see anything that breaks our rules, use the report link to let our staff know and handle it.

-If you see anything that doesn't break our rules but needs something that only our staff can do, such as closing a bad thread or pinning a good thread, use the report link and fill in the reason with what you want our staff to do.

-Please do not abuse our report system, such as with lots of empty reports, repeatedly reporting the same issue, or reporting irrelevant issues.

-Some of our forums have special rules or exceptions to these general rules. Read forum descriptions, announcements, and pinned threads before posting in those particular forums.

-Be civil in all posts and comments, and use common sense when deciding to post. Keep all disagreements and disputes to the subject at hand. Do not stoop to personal attacks, “Flame wars” and insults. Do not troll or harass other members, post threads intended to parody or harass other members, maliciously call out other members, or derail any topic. If you encounter uncivil activity, do not join in the incivility, and do not "backseat mod" either. Report it and move on.

-Thread warnings are issued when a topic has derailed, beginning to derail, and/or has devolved into insults, macro images, etc.  One warning will be issued and edited into the OP by a moderator to steer it back on topic or to stop any belligerent behavior. If any posts pertaining to the aforementioned still occur, the offending users will receive an infraction/warning. 

-Thread closures will only happen if one or many of the following occur;

  • Severe Derailment
  • Belligerent behavior (insulting other users, etc)
  • Macro image spam
  • Duplicate topic
  • Doesn't fit into any subforum

Topics that can be salvaged may be reopened.

-Do not post any content that is defamatory, racist, sexist, hate speech, or in any other way discriminatory against groups of people.

-Do not engage in Lynch mob style behavior. That includes posting call-out threads, or using the forum to promote harassing a place or persons off-site. Any person found doing so will recieve a warning or ban.

-Do not post plagiarizing content. If you have permission from the author or creator to copy content, please cite its author and/or source.

-Stay on topic for each forum, and please try not to post duplicate forum threads. Use our search utility to see if someone has already posted a thread on your topic. It's better to revive an old thread with fresh on-topic information than to create a new copy of an existing thread. If you wish to post about a particularly popular subject (a game, a furry appearance in popular media, etc.), chances are someone has already brought it up. However, do not revive a thread with off-topic content.

-Do not make plainly pointless posts and comments, whether in text or media. Use the Black Hole Subforum.

-Do not post unsolicited commercial content ("spam") in any comment or forum thread on the site. We have a zero-tolerance spam policy, and posting spam will result in an immediate ban. If you post in a forum that permits and solicits certain kinds of commercial content, please keep your advertisements on topic. If you post commercial content in a blog or status on the site, please establish a reputation first and keep all advertisements clearly relevant to our community so you don't get mistaken for a spammer.

-Do not embed any auto-playing media or rapidly flashing images in any post or comment. Do not link to rapidly flashing images or pages.

-Do not embed an excessive number of images and media in posts. What constitutes an excessive number depends on the forum and nature of the thread. Please use common sense.Do not abuse the editor features to create large or hard-to-read posts. Do your best to make your posts easy to read even if they're long reads.

-Keep chit-chat to statuses and personal messages (PM). If staff allow a forum thread for general chat, please keep forum chit-chat restricted to that thread.

-Do not roleplay in the forums or blogs or post requests seeking on-site roleplay. Do not roleplay in other areas where any of the members concerned do not find it welcome.

-Please do not create location shout-out threads. They become buried in the list of threads before others from your area can see them, which leads to more location shout-out threads that are likewise not seen. If you're looking for who else may be from your location, look for a pinned location shout-out thread to post in.

-Please do not admit to breaking the law in your jurisdiction or in the jurisdiction of our site host, especially if you have escaped punishment or not otherwise sought help stopping or atoning for it.

-Please do not hit on / flirt with / make sexual advances or comments about users without their prior given consent. This often qualifies as sexual harassment and can be considered lecherous behavior (if done repeatedly to a specific target) or pedophilic / preying / illegal (if done to a minor - whether you knew they were or not).

-If you receive a warning and feel it unjust, please try working it out with the member of our staff who issued it. If this does not resolve the issue, then either report the message at issue or send a message to the senior administrator. If the issue is a ban, please email the staff at Phoenix.Forums.Staff@gmail.com to send your ban appeal to our staff.


These are things that the forums have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on. If you are caught violating them, your account will be automatically permabanned with no chance for appeal.

  • Alts created without staff's explicit pre-approval. This includes but is not limited to: ban-evasion accounts, accounts made solely to circumvent user ignore lists and cease contact requests, "personal" side-accounts, side-accounts for different personal characters, and "roleplay" side-accounts.

  • Direct threats of violence or harm towards any user, for any reason.

  • Automatically-generated advertising / "spambotting".

  • Advertising services meant to scam users out of money or otherwise acquire money by shady means.

  • Gore / "shock" imagery without explicit warning of a thread's / post's content.

  • Any content depicting minors in sexual situations.

  • Nude photographs / "nudes" of the user's own self or any member of the community.


If you have questions about these rules, then please ask a member of our staff.

Thank you, and have fun in our community!


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