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      Information, discussion, ideas, suggestions and more, for all things related to the Phoenix Community. Use this board to raise suggestions, not all may be implemented but we like feedback, Use this board to check for news from us, we like to keep you in the loop too.

    2. Introductions

      Your typical Introductions forum, feel free to stop in and say Hei. We don't bite... usually.
      Posts here will not increase post-count.

    3. The Watercooler

      The non-fandom general discussion thread. Talk about everything else here. Now with more otters.

    4. Rants & Raves

      The Soapbox, just like Faux News but with Blackjack and Hookers (only kidding)

    5. Forum Games

      Probably better than the Olympics... ?
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    6. Top Dead Centre

      'Ello John gotta new motah? 'Ello John gotta new motah?

    7. Three Frags Left

      Let the games (discussion) begin.

    8. Bits and Bytes

      Technology discussion, talk about your PCs, Laptops, new phone and more here.

    9. The Tube

      Lights, Camera, Post. Talk about your favorite TV shows, movies etc.

      No Spoilers Please

    10. Lynx Please

      Post your links here.  Links to sexually explicit content belong in Red Lantern, not here.

  2. Furry Fandom Discussion

    1. The Den

      General Furry Fandom Discussion - talk about everything furry related here.

    2. Suits and Suiters

      Costuming, costume construction, performing and more. Please post comission requests in The Black Market instead.

    3. The Paper Mill

      Furry-themed Comics, Short Stories, Paperback and Hardback. "Clearly a best selling forum" - C. B. Guy

  3. The Art Shack

    1. The Art Exchange

      Open for trades? Requests? Looking for an artist to colour your work? This is the place to be.

    2. The Black Market

      Have comission slots open? Looking for someone to color your sketches? Got an auction open? Let us know. Please note we cannot accept responsibility for trades conducted here - Caveat Emptor

      New topics are moderated.

    3. Palette Town

      From digital and traditional paintings to sculptures and 3D models. This is the place to be.

    4. The Writer's Bloc

      Aspiring author or weary writer weaving wonderful words? Sharpen your swor...pen here.

    5. The Blue Note

      Don't you never say an unkind word about the Time! We modeled our whole lives around Morris Day and Jerome.

    6. Tutorials & Critiques

      A place for artists to seek advice, show off tutorials, seek critiques and more.

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    • Why buy anything? To support the creators! Tiddies need support! Of course some deserve support more than others.
    • So, I've been participating in the Kulve Taroth siege event in Monster Hunter: World. For non-hunters, it's 4 teams of 4 players going up against a large elder dragon named Kulve Taroth in an area (Caverns of El Dorado) that are inaccessible except during this event. The point is to break off her crest, the crystallized gold that covers her back, and then her horns. At which point she runs away and the quest ends. Note that I said teams. I was up to pursuit level 6 (the highest level) and joined someone else's quest to go after her for the last time. They and me teleported to the area, with the expectation that other players would join us. It wasn't the first time just two have gone in to start and then others have joined in. So we got to the area, I jump down and start chasing Kulve Taroth... ...and it isn't until I'm already in combat with her that I realize the other guy had withdrawn immediately after the cutscene, leaving me alone against a boss that is not meant for solo fights. I was already in too deep to back out, and I didn't know if I would lose my chance at the top-tier rewards or not. So I continued. Two other players started to join, but then pulled out again, so it was just me and my palico against a boss meant for team fights. I chased Kulve Taroth through the tunnels to the first arena, ran in and shot at her until she chased me, then backed off while still shooting until she stopped and turned back. Continued until I wore her down enough that she went down to the second area, a room full of lava pools. Continued shooting and backing off, went through almost all my ammo till I got to the sleep ammo. Didn't even noticed I'd run out of piercing and started using sleep until the battle music stopped and she started stumbling. Ducked around her while she was staggering, planted two mega barrel bombs in her face when she collapsed, and blew her crest off. Got a 2% golden glimstone jewel from carving it. The fight continued. She finally fainted me for the first time (players get three faints. third faint is a fail) with her fire breath, so once I got back to base camp I restocked on ammo and headed back down. Was running through the shortcut to the first arena when I got the message that she escaped. Bitch dragon decided to run away. The part that pisses me off the most is the first guy withdrawing immediately, and then the other two starting to join but withdrawing. Kulve Taroth is meant to be fought in teams and she is damn hard to fight even with a team; there's no guarantee of success. But they left me alone to fight her. Screw online gaming. People are crap.
    • Can’t go back like you can in a forum. (Without lagging I suppose, if it’s popular)   Shame, the furry forums were fun but based on what I’ve seen everyone’s on Twitter now.
    • Why buy any tiddies?
      It's the fucking internet. Lol.
      Just look that shit up for free, son. There's a wealth of porn to find.