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Positive news for furries but they can’t be tamed – NEWSDUMP (4-21-16)




Headlines, links and little stories to make your tail wag.  Tips: patch.ofurr@gmail.com.

Boston Globe: Furries are finally having their moment.

It was originally titled “Revenge of the furries.” The revenge is on haters who should accept Furry as something that’s always been around, and not exotic weirdness. “Finally” is a good word to see about one of the most genuinely loveable subcultures of the internet age.


At FWA- photo by Maura Friedman.

Furry Weekend Atlanta: Journalist gets it.

“I was fascinated to meet people who are so invested in a niche, often ostracized interest. It’s hard, emotional labor to love anything society labels uncool – teens everywhere can attest. But thousands of those people – fursuit fans – were coming together, and I got to be a respectful witness to their community.”

That’s beautiful.  Thanks, Maura Friedman.  And there’s also this: Furry Weekend Atlanta takes over Downtown.

Escapist Magazine: COSPLAY DOSSIER – Why I Love Furries.  A wonderfully positive piece – there’s a lot of those lately, and who’s complaining?

“Fan studies scholars” go to furry con.   Audio report here. Tip came thru Prof. Ann Jamison who taught furry fanfic at Princeton.

FM radio listeners pranked by pirate broadcast of yiff talk from Furcast.

A rasberry among all the praise! It may be “The Year of Furry” – and we may be “mainstream”(ish)… but nobody is being tamed.

Flayrah has all the details. Furcast had no idea that their NSFW podcast was being shared on the radio without anyone’s permission.  The radio equipment probably wasn’t really “hacked” though… Devices that connect to the internet (printers, etc) are “the internet of things”, often with shoddy or no security. Who to blame?  Look at 4Chan.

Country music station broadcasts 90 minutes of full-on ‘furry’ sex after hackers strike.” It’s a tease of a story – I want to know how the country music station listeners felt.  I’m imagining them taking off cowboy hats, scratching their heads and asking “what’s yiffing?” I asked Furcast to comment, but they didn’t reply.

VICE: Furries Love Zootopia.

Positive article (I missed it last month.) Fred Patten talked to the author, and he says:

“Josephs gets a couple of details wrong.  Rowrbrazzle and Albedo: Anthropomorphics both started in 1984, not 1983.  Schirmeister, Cawley, Sanders, and Keller were all established professionals in the animation industry (animators, storyboard artists, character designers, writers) who dabbled in Rowrbrazzle when it came along.  Josephs implies that they learned to become amateur artists and animators in Rowrbrazzle before going on to work at Disney.  But on the whole it’s good.”

Culturally F’d Live!

The focus us on 2016: the year of furry.  And I really liked what Arrkay had to say at 8:20 about treating it like a business. Fan stuff can be just a hobby, but more rewarding than a job. If you can treat it like one, do it and get love back.


Nice idea: NIIC the Singing Dog offers furry song commissions.

This is a fabulous idea, and so reasonable!  $199 for an original song? That would be a wonderful treat for the work it takes. Kudos to NIIC for bringing genuine passion to what he does and offers. I haven’t seen song commissions before. Find out more at his website.  Love that furry creativity.


Stolen fursuit. Very sad.

STOLEN FURSUIT! Taken from my car in Irvine, CA along with my box. Any CL checking, RT's, or help very appreciated!! pic.twitter.com/8j1U6zTZvC

— Chance (@Thatfuckinotter) April 17, 2016

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