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Charity Anthology Wolf Warriors III: Winter Wolves – OPEN FOR SUBMISSION.




logo3Wolves are known for being proud, majestic creatures. Known for their loyalty, courage, and intelligence – but it wasn’t always that way. There was a time people saw wolves as only monsters and creatures to fear, for they hunt in the night, kill livestock, and send eerie howls to the full moon. These fears have almost driven these misunderstood creatures into extinction.  As scientist studied them more, the more public opinion of them began to change – but stereotypes are hard to get rid of.

That’s why organizations like the National Wolfwatcher Coalition strive to ‘educate, advocate, and participate’ for the long term recovery and the preservation of wolves based on the best available science and the principles of democracy.‘ One of those ways is through their popular anthology, Wolf Warriors.  

You can be a part of it.  Going into it’s third volume, Wolf Warriors III is being edited by Thurston Howl and published by Thurston Howl Publications. The anthology is used as a fundraiser for the National Wolfwatcher Coalition to continue their mission. The idea for the anthology played a huge part in getting Thurston Howl Publications off the ground and putting Howl’s editing skills to work.

Thurston Howl Publications is an odd duck in furry publishing:

“THP is one of the world’s first furry-inclusive (as opposed to furry-exclusive and furry-excluding/non-furry) publishing house. Based in TN, it publishes almost ten books a year, has a staff of almost thirty people, and, so far, has received a nomination for the Ursa Major Award for its nonfiction furry essay collection published last year. (Furries Among Us). It is a very good group, and I’ve loved all of our clients so far.”

Howl himself stumbled across our fandom when he was doing research about animals who symbolize literary representations of lust:

“Of course, I stumbled across the fandom through media portrayals of furry as a “kink,” but after going to my first furmeet and interviewing furries, I realized I wasn’t too different at all. That was roughly four or five years ago. Since then, I have written, edited, and published furry fiction. I want THP to rise up as an affordable yet high-quality seller of books for the fandom.”


Thurston Howl

This year’s theme for Wolf Warriors is Winter Wolves. What does that mean?

“Honestly, I’m expecting half of the pieces to just have a winter setting, while the other half might be specifically holiday-themed.”

810bd1_b9a64efe8b5f4043917d6ae08ab96977.png_srz_156_177_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzIf you wish to submit, you’re free to interrupt that as you will. There’s no limit to genre or even type of story. They’re looking for everything from short stories, essays, flash fiction, poetry, and artwork, to photography. Submission guidelines for each can be found on Thurston Howl Publication’s website. Please be sure you read all the requirements before writing or submitting your story. This is a general audience book, so any adult content will not be accepted.

Wolf Warrior is a non-paying market book, but if your work is accepted, Thurston Howl Publications will discuss terms and rights. The true goal of the anthology is to show people that wolves are not the monsters we’ve build them to be. To show people how amazing these beautiful creatures are. Whether they walk on four paws or two, wild or civilized, let’s show what the true beauty of wolves can be. Aroooo!

Wolf Warrior III – Winter Wolves deadline is June 15th.  The book is planned for release later this year.

-Pup Matthias

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