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7cf29bba-07f0-4b2b-8767-f2562fedf847This is different, yet it’s familiar. Say one day you are walking down the street doing your business when someone catches your eye. They look human. They have the eyes, nose, lips, skin, but that’s not what grabbed your attention. It was the ears for they are not human, but of an animal. Your first though is of a cat. Then you look down to notice a tail. You want to know more about this person. What they are, why they are like this, and maybe, just maybe, you want to explore more. That is what Tarl “Voice” Hoch presents to use with his new erotic neko anthology, Purrfect Tails, and they are OPEN FOR SUBMISSION!

So first thing first to those who don’t know, what on earth is even a neko?

A neko is a character who is either male or female with feline characteristics on a human body, generally a pair of ears, and in many cases, a tail. Unlike a furry character, they generally look human or extremely close to it rather than being a sort of half breed between a cat and a human. They generally still act like cats, or have cat-like tendencies, but also function as normal people as well.

A good place to learn more about Nekos is here: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CatGirl

Edited by Tarl “Voice” Hoch, best known for doing horror anthologies, he got to become an editor cause as he puts it he fell into it.

I had been noticing that there was a distinct lack of horror books/anthologies in the fandom and made a tweet about it. Next thing I knew, I was getting all of these favorites and replies to it and Fuzz said FurPlanet were interested in it. So I wrote up a proposal and call for submissions and that was that. I learned a lot of lessons from that first anthology, had some good and bad experiences, but in the end it helped me to grow as a writer.

Already, Tarl has produced many works both within and outside the fandom.

I have a horror anthology published by FurPlanet titled Abandoned Places and I am currently working on a science fiction/horror anthology which will also be published by FurPlanet. I also wrote the story for an 18+ comic which was illustrated and printed by KomicKrazi and only available by sending me a request or at Fur-Eh! in Edmonton. Other than those, I am published in a number of anthologies inside and outside of the furry fandom, a list of which can be found here: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5759304.Tarl_Voice_Hoch

But that still leaves us with the question, why is Tarl interested in making an erotic anthology around nekoes?

About two years ago I wrote a story for the Transformation Anthology centered on a girl who was slowly turning into a nekogirl. The story dealt with her exploring the new sensations, new personality quirks, and the fact that a Tom seemed to be stalking her. Since writing that story, which had a strong erotic content, it’s been sitting in my mind pecking away at my inspiration until I needed to do something with it.

It was during the reading of the stories for my upcoming science fiction/horror anthology that I decided to stop pussyfooting around the idea of self-publishing something and decided that an erotic anthology would be perfect for my first attempt. The two ideas came together and this anthology was born!


Tarl is looking for all kinds of erotic stories to put together in the anthology. No matter the genre.

Beyond the erotic element needing to be centered around the neko character, I am looking for pretty much anything. I do have a preference to stories that end positively, as this is an erotic anthology and most people don’t want to finish a story feeling depressed. That is not to say I won’t accept darker pieces, but they won’t get as much consideration as others.

Other than that, I am looking for a variety of genres. With anthologies like this, where the theme is centered on a character type rather than a situation or setting, the writer has a lot more room to spread their creative wings. I want to see people bring things like steampunk, weird westerns, summer romance, kung-fu, you name it, I want to see what they can do. If you are curious if it will work in the anthology, feel free to email me at tarlwriter@gmail.com and ask me. I will gladly let you know if it will work or not, and even possibly go as far as to help you develop the idea. (though that won’t guarantee acceptance)

Of course there are some things to avoid when submitting your story to Tarl.

As with any erotic anthology, there are always a few rules people need to follow. For this anthology, I don’t want racism, sexism or there to be any discrimination presented in a positive light. I also (for obvious reasons) don’t want there to be anything involving characters under 18 or incest. Rape, torture, dubious consent or forced seduction are also out. Snuff, Necrophilia, golden showers, scat and most extreme fetishes are also a no go. Lastly, bestiality is out. The neko characters must have a human level intelligence and be able to make their own decisions. 

But there are probably some who might say that neko doesn’t even count as furry or at least could only be considered as diet furry with half the calories. Or that neko is more anime then furry, but Tarl points out how much overlap there is between furries and neko.

Many people within the fandom have come into it through the anime route. In fact a lot of fursuit makers sell ears and tails at anime conventions for the people who want to be neko characters. Characters with animal ears appear in a number of animes, as do anthropomorphic characters. (Such as Happy in FairyTale for example) For myself, it was AnnaPuma and UniPuma, a pair of nekogirl androids from Dominion Tank Police, that first introduced me to neko characters. From them, it was only a single step to find the furry fandom which I have been ever since.

It’s also something different from your average furry anthology, as the characters themselves aren’t really full on anthropomorphic felines, but rather closer to anime characters. This is refreshing in a fandom where felines are done quite often and nothing new is generally done with them when it comes to erotic anthologies. Place the book on the same table as a number of current furry anthologies, and it will stand out because it is different, and the human eye is drawn to things that are different.

There are also those readers who aren’t comfortable with the idea of sexualized anthropomorphic beings.  Despite being part of the furry fandom, they may still view the erotic content as too akin to bestiality and shy away. This anthology gives them another avenue to explore, as the characters themselves will be only a tiny step away from humans.

Now on to the requirements.

I am looking for stories between 3-10k, though I am willing to take longer. Shorter stories will be considered, but they have a smaller chance of being accepted. I am also looking for original, unpublished stories as well.

The deadline is November 1st. The book will be self-published by Tarl himself with a planned release for both print and e-book around May. Accepted works will be paid ½ cent per word. For more info visit the link. https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/13364393-call-for-submissions—erotic-anthology

Fluff up your tails and ears to bring you erotic adventures to life.


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