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October 2016 is Furry Book Month!




Huskyteer of the Furry Writers’ Guild sends a super cool announcement for fandom book lovers.  Furry Book Month is an initiative to promote anthropomorphic literature. Please give some love to the authors and publishers of the fandom – not just established ones you know, but also newer ones like Thurston Howl and Weasel Press.  Learn more in Fred Patten’s recent article, The State of Furry Publishing.


Furry Book Month logo by Ultrafox

October 2016 is Furry Book Month!

This October, we’re raising the profile of anthropomorphic literature and bringing it to a wider audience.

The Furry Writers’ Guild has joined forces with some of our fandom’s great authors and publishers.  They will offer special deals during the month, from free shipping and discount codes to free books.

Even if you don’t read furry fiction yet, try the special offers for a furry book in October.

Already a reader? Give a book to a friend, try a new author, or write a book review!  Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads can be short, and really help authors. Got lots to say? Submit a review to Flayrah, Dogpatch Press, or Claw & Quill.

What will you do this Furry Book Month? Please spread the word on social media using #FurryBookMonth!

Visit furrywritersguild.com/furry-book-month/ for the list of offers.

And here’s love to Fred Patten from authors who had their work reviewed on Dogpatch Press.  They’ll return your attention too if you submit one.

Justin Swatsworth, author of The Origin Chronicles: Mineau –

“I wanted to write a quick note and thank you for taking the time to review my novel. As I mentioned before, it was quite an honor to have someone of your knowledge and standing in both the anthropomorphic and anime fields take an interest in my story. I really appreciate the insights, kind words and great synopsis you provided in your review. It will definitely be of assistance to me, as it is my hope in the near future to begin writing a second story that has been slowly coming together in my mind.
I hope you had a fun journey while reading about my cetacean society and it’s history. I will happily link to your review on all my pages, and also share it with anyone who might be interested!
Thank you once again and have a great day!
Justin Swatsworth”

Jess E. Owen, author of Song of the Summer King –

“Awesome, thank you so much for taking the time! – Jess E. Owen.”

History and State of Furry Publishing to be translated to Polish.

“My name is Szymon Brycki. I would like to translate into Polish and publish over the Net some of your texts, especially “the state of furry publishing” and two parts of “history of furry publishing”. I promise that – if you will allow it, of course – I will grant access to these texts equally and free of charge. Could I do so, please?

Yours sincerely,
Szymon Brycki”

Don’t be afraid to share anything you see published on Dogpatch Press (with credit of course.) This is a free nonprofit service to the community.

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