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Today! Don’t miss the Anthropomorphic Enchantment show in San Francisco.





It’s been hard to keep this a secret.  Here’s a flash notice about a one-of-a-kind show I’ve been excited about for weeks. I had to hold back from telling you until shortly before it opens, because they want it to materialize like one of those shops in stories that sell magic genie bottles and cursed monkey paws. (Also so protesters won’t get organized in time – we’re not sure if they’re trolls, fundamentalists, or PETA, but security dogs will keep everyone safe for lovely furry art and costuming.)

RSVP on Facebook: Anthropomorphic Enchantment – at Red Victorian, 1665 Haight St, San Francisco, 6PM to midnight.

“Enter a world of mysterious creatures and unfamiliar erotic magiks. The lines betweens species, gender, and forms blur. Carnal natures emerge. Give into your primal state.

Meander through the realms of the fantastic nymphs and beasts dreamt up by our resident artists. Gaze upon their wicked flesh and unearthly rituals!

Fursuiters, pet players, casual cats, rabbit fantasists, fetishists, gawkers, and all humanoids welcome. Send instagrams home to your pets. Art will be on display for several weeks with much of it remaining through February.”


Art by Arboreal


  • Arboreal
  • Doppelganger
  • Quokka
  • Ghostblanketboy
  • Richie Rhombus
  • Salena Angel.
  • Music by Papa Bear

It’s the kind of furry thing I want to see much more often. It’s daring, cute, friendly and inviting, and meant to cross the line of the inner world of fandom.  The organizer told me more:

“My magical deer friend Arboreal is featuring, as well as several other bay area artists. See his work (NSFW:) Playfuldeer on Tumblr.

“Ghostblanketboy will have some art – check him out on FurAffinity (NSFW.)  We’ll have music by local DJs – not only Papa Bear but also Phoxwit who plays Frolic sometimes.

This was my idea; I am totally in love with Arboreal and his art. We go to a lot of fetish as well as furry events and a lot of his art is inspired by people he knows and personas we emulate.

The Red Victorian is a commune on Haight St, with 15 residents and 10 guest spaces, where anyone can book hostel-style lodging. We host dozens of events per month, including rotating art exhibits, where we feature local artists and host opening night parties. We try to find art that is provoking and experimental; this is no exception – much of the art is explicit and weaves together ideas of challenging sexuality and gender by also playing with species.  At the Red Vic, in addition to exciting monthly art, we love to host all sorts of community events, so there may be more furry stuff in our future!

I expect a mish-mash of interests and communities, since our artists and residents are all from different primary interests and may have excitement for the art but not knowledge about the furry fandom.

If anyone is interested in hosting events at the Red Vic, including furry-centric events, pup moshes, etc (the sky’s the limit!) send an email to events@redvic.com.”

Hope to see you there for an unforgettable show.

Patch O’Furr

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