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Wild Things: Cinco De Mayo – furry fetish party in San Francisco, May 5.




Friday, May 05, 2017.  8PM – 1AM.

SF Citadel, 181 Eddy St., San Francisco.  

Cost: $25. Dress code: Animal-themed, fetish, creative, etc.

Visit the Fetlife event page for info. Many volunteer positions available.

donkey.png?resize=339%2C470WILD THINGS is an 18+ party for furries, petplayers, pups, primals, littles, and everyone who accepts them, but the furry community is the heart of it.  The first event was in 2014 (see WILD THINGS tag.)  In 2016 it became quarterly by support of the SF Citadel club.

For March’s Mardi Gras event, organizer Mark explained:

Wild Things wants to be inclusive to anyone who is new, making them feel welcome, unpressured, and free to learn and explore at their own pace, if they wish.  We advocate tolerance and respect for others, so people can live and let live, and let adults be adults however they choose to do so… come without judgements and see for yourselves.

What’s happening this time?  Perhaps sexy party games and pinatas, human/furry pinata suspensions, wrestling/Lucha masks… all that and a taco bar! Previous features continue:

– Music by DJ’s AuralIncarnation (Bent) and Gretchen Weeners (Death Guild, House of Nox)
– Suspensions by Naturalturn (Naughty Knotty)
– Vacuum bed & waxplay demos by Spottacus
– Petplay, puppyplay, and furry demos
– Fursuit gear demos
– The cuddle zone
– Petplay / puppyplay romp!

Meet new friends and participate in fun, playful, cuddly, sexy activities. Dress up, play, and express yourself as part of the show! Creative expression is highly encouraged. The crowd for Wild Things tends to be very LGBTQ friendly, and on the younger, high-energy side, but open to all ages 18+. Shy and new people are especially invited, with a large casual lounge great for meeting new people, multiple DJs, a cuddly blanket fort area, and several activities and demos geared towards those who are new and finding their way. It’s entirely possible to enjoy Wild Things without flirting or indulging your wild side, but SF Citadel is a supportive, accepting environment which allows for consensual BDSM and safer sex practices.

It’s a party guests rave about, whether they’re shy and introverted, or wild and extroverted.  RSVP at the event page, join the Wild Things chat group with over 150 members and growing, or get acquainted with members 24/7 on the Telegram group.

@WildThingsSF Was the BEST. #WildThings I learned things, met people, aaalmost won 1st in Bead collection for Mardi Gras theme. So fun! Unf!

— RandomOmNomFurry (@AnonFur) February 26, 2017


It’s ALMOST the only party of its kind in the world…

@Spottacus @WildThingsSF and for those kinky furs in Germany, come to TailsUp 🙂

— Zefiro Public (@ZefiroPublic) February 25, 2017

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