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Who let furries in the goth club? Death Guild vs. Wild Things – Monday July 3.





July 3, 9:30 PM – 2:30 AM

DNA Lounge, 375 11th St, San Francisco

Facebook event page

“Bring a dead stiff squirrel and get in free!”  Yes, that’s a real long-time promise by Death GuildI can’t say what happens to the squirrels, but I can tell you about this legendary club night. It’s the longest running one for weird dark music in North America. That means gothic rock, industrial, darkwave, EBM and synthpop, with an ambiance like The Addams Family gone cyberpunk:


In Death Guild’s 24+ years of operation, they must have seen a lot of squirrels, but I don’t know if that ever included the patrons. Now it can, thanks to a neat subcultural confluence. See, San Francisco isn’t just a good place for dark aesthetics. It’s also Furry Mecca with the world’s most dense population of furry fans. And furverts. Unapologetic ones who might hide a squirrel where the sun don’t shine. Kidding!!!  I’m joking about the consenting-adult patrons of Wild Things, one of the world’s only open-invite parties for furry kink. It’s usually hosted at The Citadel BDSM club, but this time gets the upstairs at DNA Lounge.

It’s just a dance party.  No wardrobe malfunctions allowed and SPH’s stay zipped.  Otherwise, go wild with costuming – from fur or latex bodysuits to rubber pup masks. “Dressing up is highly encouraged.”

Info for costume changing: Previous parties had a draped area inside. This time you’re on your own, so it’s recommended to use the Costco parking garage down the street for a bit of off-street cover.  If you’re there earlier, try SOMA Streatfood or Wicked Grounds kink cafe for a pre-dance meetup.

This mutant party happened by relationship with Gretchen Weeners, DJ at local goth clubs. Wild Things organizers are fans of the music, and acquainted with the proprietor of DNA Lounge.  The patrons might find it an odd mix… but that’s good, it’s how some of the best fun happens.



Me, having fun at DNA Lounge

Some more unlikely crossover with these subcultures.

Below is a fresh new tune they should play, from Ghost Twin (it has cool lyrics about riding Griffins in space). Then there’s an obscure older gem from Ashtrayhead (side project of industrial band Cubanate.) And a vid from Death Guild past.

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