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How furry fandom is rejecting neo-nazis, “Altfurs” and Furry Raiders who target kids for hate.




Get ready for a big topic about toxic behavior, the cult-like groups doing it, how they’re targeting kids, and how the fandom is cutting ties with it for positive progress.  This is a followup to last week’s article: “The Confederate fursuit incident shows how you can’t be a troll and a victim at the same time“. It focuses on the source of the problem:

  • At Anthrocon 2017, a troll provoked drama with defenders who claimed he was being unfairly censored.
  • The defense missed a basic point – he was an antagonistic outsider who was banned and didn’t register or support the con.
  • It showed how trolls twist facts about consequences for bad behavior, so they can pretend to be the victims.
  • Posing as victims requires a scapegoat (“SJW’s”). The misinformation is being spread like cult propaganda.

Anthrocon’s letter recognizes how the troll was pushing a “political message” on others.  It’s an example of recent fandom activity by alt-right “altfurs” and their enablers.  They do it with a 2-faced pose that they want “freedom”, want “politics out of fandom,” and are just giving “their side”. But “their side” relies on false middle ground. (In other words, saying the earth is round doesn’t require Flat Earthers to give their side.  Newspapers don’t interview vandals to get their side.) The real goal is to exploit and undermine the fandom behind a false front of “freedom”.  That includes grooming and recruiting kids, trolling and harassing, dodging accountability, and worse things like welcoming literal neo-nazis (see below.)

Anthrocon’s response shows a reasonable solution not unlike my article’s: point out dishonesty, stop defending it, and demand better.  That’s a far cry from claims that “SJW’s” are trying to control fandom ( a weak version of propaganda that “jews control the world”.) Blaming “SJW’s” is really an attack on reasonable standards of the fandom itself.

Of course “SJW’s” aren’t an organized group. Such a vague label can be conveniently given to anybody. On the other hand there are organized troll groups for altfurs and  the Furry Raiders. Both use provocative symbols like a Confederate flag or Foxler’s nazi-styling to troll from behind a false front of “freedom”. Both share overlap of core members, and a mission of “battle” against “SJW’s”.

Here’s that mission in a recent video from Furry Raiders founder Foxler.  He made it after “raiding” a meet in Colorado to spite them because Raiders and hate groups were banned. Then he complained of being the victim and invited altfurry to join his battle. (see 15:00). Preaching about battle is what cults do.


Advertised policy of the meet that Foxler “raided”

That gives some context about the bad behavior.  The article about trolling at Anthrocon got a lot of response, including from one subject in it, Ricky.  Then Ricky chose to leave the Furry Raiders, cuing the topic of cutting ties.

Leaving the group risks punishment for disloyalty.

If a group uses positive attention to groom or recruit members, the negative side might only be obvious to outsiders. Especially if it draws good people who don’t see what organizers do. But the downside can hit insiders too.  It happened last week when several associates chose to leave the Furry Raiders and spoke up about the group’s problems, causing backlash.

Colt, Ricky, and DancerSwor are former associates between ages 14 and 18. (That means exposure to Foxler’s anti-SJW battle at barely voting age.) Colt, the youngest at age 14, was quickly disavowed by Foxler for not being a member of the Furry Raiders (yet).  Altfurs joined in denying his connection, deflecting the issue of recruiting.  Then they attacked Colt.

please support @ColtDaWolf, @ProcyonAves, and @DancerSwor. They all have recently left the Furry Raiders and are being harassed by fascists.

🐐🐩🕊️ @MFF (@vuurren) July 13, 2017

Recently left a group called The Furry Raiders. I don't know if someone within the group is talking shit about me or not, but if so then the

— Ricky Raccoon @ FM (@ProcyonAves) July 13, 2017

Been feeling more love from the "opposition since I left then the people who said they cared about me, but instantly began making fun of me

— Ricky Raccoon @ FM (@ProcyonAves) July 13, 2017

So if they try to spread rumours about me, please don't believe them. They're just mad I didn't want to stay in their stupid cult

— Ricky Raccoon @ FM (@ProcyonAves) July 13, 2017

I am overwhelmed by the amount of support I've received. From the way everyone described...well everyone that wasn't a raider I thought I'd

— Ricky Raccoon @ FM (@ProcyonAves) July 13, 2017

Forgiven for the shitty decision I made to join and advocate for that group many months ago.

— Ricky Raccoon @ FM (@ProcyonAves) July 13, 2017

Why I left Furry Raiders pic.twitter.com/lCjpUSuuB9

— SworDanceR (@FurryIdiotSDR) July 14, 2017

Foxler Nightfire has betrayed me. More details + a possible video to come. pic.twitter.com/XGrk9d3KhC

— Usain Colt (@ColtDaWolf) July 12, 2017

As a cult, the furry raiders groom kids and punish people for leaving. Happened to @ColtDaWolf, plz back his vid. https://t.co/5bIZQEJIkX

— Dogpatch Press (@DogpatchPress) July 13, 2017

Altfurs, Neo-nazis and Stormfront members support Foxler by harassing a 14-year-old.

Don’t miss Colt’s video about being betrayed by Foxler. It was very disconcerting for Foxler and the altfurs. Fear of losing recruits is why Foxler spitefully “raided” the Colorado meet where he was banned, and declared battle. Meanwhile, altfurs bombed Colt’s video with dislikes and harassment.  The participants overlap: Foxler is in the Altfurrydiscord group that organizes trolling.  Altfurry welcomes members of Stormfront (“a white nationalist, white supremacist, and neo-Nazi Internet forum that was the Web’s first major racial hate site.”)  

Here’s a few who supported Foxler by harassing Colt:

  • ngate.jpg?resize=175%2C170Nathan Gate / TheBigKK / KryptoKroenen is member of Stormfront and @altfurrydiscord.
  • College student from Arizona.
  • Hitler fan on Stormfront and Daily Stormer: “Far-Right is 100% completely Facist. At least to me, it describes someone who is willing to go all the way, no matter how violent or cruel, to establish White Nationalism.”
  • He told Colt: “what a cringy little fuck… you’ll end up living the rest of your life as a social reject that nobody cares about.”
  • Before harassing a 14 year old, he helped Altfurrydiscord attack Califur with fake complaints regarding kids:

  • Aethryx wants nazis to rise again:
  • His post about Nazis: “I feel disappointed that I couldn’t live in this society, but I feel courage knowing that the arms will one day rise again. Hail Victory.”

Wow, I didn't realise who this was. I'm genuinely disappointed. Thought he was a cool guy. Later, you could have been better than this. pic.twitter.com/QA0h29ZLq1

— Megaplexing Kaiju (@TwitchDaWoof) July 11, 2017

RT [priv]: how do u become that type of person whos like "i wanna be a fuzzy wuzzy bappy husky also i love fascism, big fascism fan here"

— TOP CHOMP (@squeedgemonster) April 13, 2016

Those are just a few of the brave trolls who came down on a 14-year-old for cutting ties with Foxler. Something is really messed up with a group that hassles kids for disloyalty.  It’s interesting that out of four who recently left, the youngest was treated the worst. (There is even more info withheld by request to avoid negativity.)

So much for “freedom” and concern for kids.

Positive progress is coming because furries support each other.

That trolling has nothing to do with being members of a fandom.  Their goal is to selfishly exploit it and spread hate.  That’s not the goal of furs like Ricky, Colt and their friends. They’re here to be fans and artists with a community. Good people can be pulled in to groups with bad organizers, but they’re still furries.

Why are people suddenly evacuating #AltFurry?

— Elliot Cerulean (@ElliotCerulean) July 20, 2017

Maybe they realized they were in a cult when Foxler started abusing a "defector" who went public

— Zarpaulus (@zarpaulus) July 20, 2017

Actually, the amount of outside respect the fandom has got for actively taking out white supremacists has been impressive.

— Hugo Jackson / Arc (@phoenixtheblade) July 20, 2017

They don't want friends, they want followers, obedience, and justification of their own spite. They'll take it out on anyone who objects.

— Hugo Jackson / Arc (@phoenixtheblade) July 20, 2017

the salt is so real lmao. furry raiders are a curious bunch; they love freedom of speech until it reflects negatively on themselves.

— Li💤ie (@Lucariwhoa) July 13, 2017

To people claiming we "can't" run right-wingers out of our fandom

We already did it with the Burned Furs

You are objectively wrong pic.twitter.com/XGWQmKPsQi

— Vex is Extra (@andreuswolf) July 19, 2017

The reason people want altfurry members out of the community is mostly because they contribute nothing of value and ruin things for others.

— LOT'S WIFE (@LibrettoTaur) July 21, 2017

a relatively guaranteed passive audience to fling them at in hopes of landing a few recruits who don't know any better.

— LOT'S WIFE (@LibrettoTaur) July 21, 2017

Read the above thread by @LibrettoTaur for excellent insight.

Furries grew a thriving community by themselves. There’s drama, but also plenty of support.  It comes naturally in a fandom for things made by each other.

Joining cult-like groups happens for a reason. Good people may not see what goes on behind a false front. Casual involvement can only have the positive side. Lonely people who may not have a place in other groups can be manipulated by smooth talk. Outcasts who have earned consequences for bad behavior can find enabling from organizers who recruit them. They can feel more important by dragging others down.

Ruining things and making battle is the opposite of creative fandom. It can be important to confront bad faith and dishonesty and demand better.  It can also be important to listen and give space to people questioning involvement. Nobody needs friends picked for them – it’s just good to let them know that they don’t need a cult for that.  The whole fandom has plenty of better friends everywhere.

Picking better friends isn’t “policing”.

Another ex-Raider comes back.

When the article was almost done, I got a nice contact from Stoplight. He talked about leaving the Raiders, so I asked if he wanted to say anything. Keep in mind I didn’t suggest anything, it’s purely his thoughts:

“Right now…as an ex Raider, I’d like to say that there is no excuse for my actions that I did when I associated with the Furry Raiders. They were the result of believing a manipulative and vindictive person who cares not for those he uses.  It took a drastic turn of events in which he offered a way out that, in a time when I was suicidal and depressed, was appalling.  That was when I realized he doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his image.

After that, I can say that leaving was the best choice for me.  It freed me from the weight that was placed on my shoulders.  I feel that if anyone is currently thinking of leaving that group I encourage you to do so. You may run into people who still hold a grudge against you, but the number of people who will support that decision will out number those who are holding your past against you.”

Found a piece of my past, and decided to rid myself of it. I never want to remind myself of my past actions. I'm moving on to better things. pic.twitter.com/uQ4Ibk5uNP

— Stop Light (@StopLightDraggo) July 22, 2017

A cool thing about a fursona is how it represents changing yourself into something new.  You can become your best self, or just grow and be different.  A fursona isn’t just for “being yourself,” like Foxler says – “Always be yourself and never let anyone change you”.  It’s not for being sociopathic, and expecting everyone else to adjust for you because it’s their problem.  It’s not about selfishly making “battle” about Nazi armbands, “Raiding” or harassing because you hate change.

Everyone in furry fandom has power to be something new, but it doesn’t just involve yourself. Furry fandom has that “fandom” part. Make-believe isn’t so fun on your own. Sharing is one of those things you learn in kindergarten. But the small fringe of Altfurries and Foxlers didn’t get the message. They can go figure that out in the corner.

Demand better, and every time they try to drag someone down, let two of them leave and come back to the real fandom.

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