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BioMutant: a fuzzy new RPG experience is incoming!




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Originally, when I heard about BioMutant, I wasn’t sure whether or not it should be featured on my Furry Blog or my Gaming Blog— so I just put it on both!

The last time I saw cute, little, fuzzy creatures being the main stars of ANY console RPG, was when I learned about TERA. Did I ever play it? No…

But for those who love the MMO-scene, and especially for furries, this was a huge deal. When it comes to RPGs on consoles, I don’t ask for much. I don’t care the race of my characters so long as there’s a bit of customization involved (even if it’s just a difference in your appearances based on weapon or armor equipped).  If the game has a deep-story, I’m all set.

If I want character customization, I just stick to my PC-MMORPGS like World-of-Warcraft or Guild Wars 2… but I must say that after reading about BioMutant, I’m actually curious to see what more it will offer in the future.  With it being on the XBOXone, I’m actually considering making this a part of my purchase wish-list when it hits the market.


  • So what is BioMutant?

”THQ Nordic revealed BioMutant, an “open-world, post-apocalyptic kung fu fable,” for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.”

— But we want more of an explanation than that, right?

We don’t know who these raccoon-like creatures are, where they originated, or anything like that but, according to the Official Website for the game, we know that the Tree of Life is DYING.

The main life-source for this world has been contaminated. Now it’s up to your character to save the world – or can it even be saved? According to the website, there are divided tribes which must be reunited to face off against the great evils coming from the root of the plague-stricken tree… buuuuuut that’s all the developers seem to be leaking about the main story.

  • What makes the game so unique?

— The game itself is supposed to be a unique twist on 3rd person combat. The main allure will be the way in which your character utilizes their own fighting style. These little creatures learn combat from various Masters scattered across the land. You can mix-and-match kung-fu combos. It’s supposed to keep the combat new and fresh so it never gets boring.

Hand-to-hand combat isn’t the only thing that can defeat the monsters of this world. There’s a weapon crafting system, allowing your characters to mix-and-match parts to create unique weapons. They can defeat enemies as well. However this article from Polygon suggests that while the weapon-system may seem cool, the main focus will be the mastery of the kung-fu styles and really getting up-close-and-personal with your opponents.

Lastly there are the “powers”. These are harder to explain. While they can be used for various things including fighting, this also seems to tie in with the way character customization will work.

  • So what are these Mutations?

— The game is called BioMutant, right? So how do Mutations work in this world? According to the official website, as you traverse this world, radioactive substances and bio-contamination (as well as other chemicals) let you re-code your genetic structure to unlock attributes. This can change your appearance such as giving you long claws, barbed tails, and more. Other attributes aren’t so visible… but it’s said you will be able to unlock things like Telekenisis and Levitation. That’s sure to change the way you play the game. Some things may make combat easier, while others might be strictly for traversing the world in new ways.  Not much else has been said or shown on this development.

For other character customization options, nothing has been shown. It’s uncertain if there will be more. Gear and mutations might be the limit of character customization.

  • Is it an MMO?

— Screenshots have shown multiple furry-creatures in one frame, but this doesn’t seem to be an MMORPG. It’s not being advertised as such. It might be cool if it were, but with all the stuff being incorporated, I think keeping it a single-player experience is for the best.


  • An Open World…

— There’s little known of the game, but it has been claimed that a player can build their own adventure in this open world. The official website also said that the ending depends on the actions of the players. It gives a very “Fable-ish” feel because it claims that we can either be the force that unites the tribes, or the force that brings them down. The official website says it’s an “Unusual Story with an Unusual End”, guided by a narrator as we make choices that determine the fate of this world. So, replay-ability seems rather high for this game already. It promises limitless possibilities since the world is going to be so massive!


  • Conclusion:

— Open-World games have always been a favorite of mine, so I’m excited for this! I do get lost sometimes in just exploring (and forget to do the campaign), but that’s really the appeal of games like this. It’s all done at your own leisure. I love the fact that I get to choose how my story ends, and unique character customization will allow fun experimenting to get that “perfect character” for your personal play-style.

It looks beautiful. The characters are unique. I think it has been awhile since we had a good RPG set in a fantastical world that wasn’t all online. I love MMORPGs, but I miss the old days of Oblivion and Skyrim, even Fallout and Fable… and just having that singular adventure.

I’m also excited because this game mixes my two favorite genres, Fantasy and Post-apocalyptic-worlds!

But what do YOU think? Are you excited for this game?  What would you hope they add to make it better? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you all in the next blog.

– Rune

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