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About this blog

Blogs huh. Maybe it'll help let off my adult angst.

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The Eccedentesiast

I'm not angry enough to lash out; especially with my fists.
I'm not sad enough to cry and shed tears.
I'm not happy enough to smile.

Yet, I do it anyway.


Smile...that is.


"Implicit Demand for Proof"

Is it so wrong to question if this world is still a beautiful place to be?
Is it so wrong to ask for proof that this world is still worth living in?
Is it so wrong to crave a release from all of this?

Life has dealt hand after hand and I've played its game.
I'm ready to fold; always ready.
    Yet....I continue.

I ask myself, "Why?"

"Why do you keep moving forward?" 

I'm always met with silence.
                        A silence that gives me no sense of solace.
                                                 Hanging over me like a veil of dread.

No matter how much I reach out towards that bright sunset,
Fading light slips out;
Overflowing; Trapped within eternal twilight.

How much of this has to go on?

Do you know what broken means?
I am shattered, piece by piece.
But my heart's still telling me
                  "Keep breathing... 

                    keep breathing."


The Stars Look Down Upon Us

The Tug-of-War between advancing and avoidance, influences my behavior in intimate and business relationships as an emotional Cancer Moon is Intensified by its square to mental Mercury and aggressive Mars. 

I am caught between impulsive expression and the need to be safe.  Additionally, beautiful Venus tensely opposes electric Uranus, raising the stakes on this basic dilemma. 

I desire the pleasures of intimacy but I'm not prepared to give up my freedom.


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