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So my presence will be lacking over the next week or so. Quite a few coworkers have taken vacation all at the same fucking time so I'm left to pick up the slack since I have no life. Imagine that.

Also, there was a massive brush fire nearby my home that started Sunday afternoon, and went straight to hell the next day. So when I'm not working I've been on fire watch due to the still smoldering ashes after the blaze was finally "contained". That hopefully shouldn't last another day if it rains. My neighborhood and my house smells like a campfire right now.

Catch ya later if I don't burn out.


Well, for the next few weeks, I'm going to be occupying my mother's place until the end of the holidays. My kid brother, who lives with her, is going to also be staying with some friends until school starts back, leaving his little fluff lump of a dog all by his lonesome. My mother has decided to take this opportunity to go stay with her boyfriend until then, leaving the house completely void of inhabitants, except for said dog and a bird. So they come to me, because I'm the one with no real life, and request that I go check on them every day. I suggested that maybe I'll just make camp there instead, and make use of the empty house, it's not like I never lived there before or anything.

So, I'm pretty much stuck here. Now I'm gonna be alone for the holidays and my birthday- again, Meh. First thing I'm gonna need to do is stock up on beer and food... the pantry and fridge are empty as fuck. It's really kind of eerie; since I grew up here there was always someone else in the house, some other background noise. Now, it's this oddly unnerving silence of what use to be a home to a family that was really close, to this vacant husk of its former life.

I dragged my PC over to keep myself occupied as there is next to nothing to do. Might go grab the sketchbook and give it a whirl for old times sake, or just cop out and play counter strike or something. Ah well, may as well make the best of it.


Fuckin' Turkey Day

So it's like 5AM, I'm drunk, and there's supposedly going to be a metric shit-ton of food today as opposed to the rest of the year. I dunno whether I should be stoked, or worried about the state the bathroom is going to be in later, and the amount of distress coming from relatives as they discover that they're run outta toilet paper.

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