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Week 6 of the Semester




I suppose this stupid blog thing is a good place for me to dump and ramble about shit where no one will give a shit lol. Probably only gonna bother updating this thing once a week unless something serious happens because my life isn't interesting enough to update on daily.

I think I've mentioned a few times that I'm a design major at a UC out here in California, currently working on my senior project. Basically I work directly with a local organization, give them a new logo, advertising material, and a new website over the course of the year. I've always been fairly decent with my design work, but goddamn do I suck at web coding. My HTML/CSS knowledge is alright, but I need to learn at least some JavaScript for this project or I'm just wasting my time, but it's such a bitch of a language to learn, even for the basic syntax. I'm trying but the minute it starts confusing me, I blank out in the middle of the class. I'm starting to grasp some of it, but I still feel like I'm completely not getting most of it.

Also, learning a language is hard as hell. I've never been good with learning new languages, I learned that when I took 2 years of German in high school and didn't retain any of it. I'm taking Japanese to meet my school's language requirement of 3 semesters of a language. It's been really hard, but I seem to be doing well so far.

I dunno, that's all I really have right now.



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