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Panic Attack




My midterms are approaching pretty quickly, and I've had a lot of due dates dropped on my head, I'm struggling to learn certain things and I feel like I'm falling behind on some stuff. This semester has been pretty demanding, but today was the first time I had gotten as overwhelmed as I did. While in the middle of studying for the Japanese midterms, I guess all my stress kicked into over drive and sent me into a small panic attack in the middle of class. Nothing outwardly serious, I'm good at keeping that shit contained, but I was feeling quite a bit of discomfort in my chest, I was panicking and getting lightheaded, ect. While I'm sure the stress was the big contributing factor, I'm pretty sure the over abundance of caffeine I've been drinking over the week is to blame for some of that too. I'm thinking I need to cut out most of the energy drinks from my diet. I've been getting them for really cheap at the local grocery store, so I've just been stocking them whenever I'm out, and I think that, in combination with how overly stressful the semester has been, contributed to my anxiety going all over the place.

I should just try to go back to Earl Grey in the morning or coffee.



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Ahhh, the college life. I don't really miss it much. I mean, there were good people and good times, but they were almost always fueled by copious amounts of alcohol. Classes suck eternally, though. Anyway, good luck and all that jazz.

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Lucky for me, I don't drink often. I'm more fueled on caffeine, which in this case has not been beneficial to my stress.

I will live though.

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