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Vacation Photo Preview and Stats






A little preview of the photos of my vacation I'll be putting up at some point! (resized to fit posting directly to the forum)

It'll be a while before I do write ups and photo dumps on my Latvia/France trip, though. As was the case with the Grand Canyon photos, nearly every one of the .jpg files saved by the camera tend to be more than 10 MB in size. Most of them will barely fit on a forum post because the software tends to choke on 6012x4000 res images (I think the thumbnail generator takes too long and it assumes its hung.) So, I'll have to do some work to resize them. Bulk upload will be to imgur again, and that alone will be a nightmare. Not to mention the need for tweaks in Photoshop (when they're too dark/bright or too yellow/blue, need to be rotated, etc) So I have a lot of work ahead of me on that front!


Here's some stats:

I took 3,203 photos

The .jpg files alone are 28.02 GB

I took photos with both my Nikon and my phone. The Nikon accounts for 2,572 photos / 26.4 GB while the phone was 631 / 1.62 GB My Nikon is also set up to save both the .jpg and a raw file (the phone does not save any sort of raw, just a jpg).

If you include the raws, the grand to total is:

5,772 files at 81.1 GB


I ended up buying a second memory card after filling the new one up twice and running out of room to dump it to my laptop. Phone images generally > 8 MB and are 4128x2322, but are often not very good or are of trivial subjects for one off posts or jokes and stuff. There are a number of duplicates from both devices, as I sometimes need to take multiple shots to get one good one and it's not always possible to judge that from the camera's screen. The phone also may have dups purely from the occasional use of the Rich Tone HDR function, which is setup to save both an unaltered version and the HDR-processed image. So that, along with many of them being of personal subjects, means a huge number of them won't be posted at all. But, there still will be quite a number of them!



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