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The Odyssey




See how long I can keep this up! Will try to produce updates from my trip! Done from my phone so please excuse mistakes.

4:00AM - Got up for flight.

5:20 am - Made it through security. Forgot  to take off my shoes! X(

Those T-ray machines creep me out, but TSA at this small airport is always  very pleasant.

6:01 am - Began blog entry : P

6:45 am - Take off! The cabin is dark and makes for a beautiful scene out the window. Sadly, I am not window seat and the flash ruins the picture of the city lights. Early flights aren't all bad; with so few people, nobody has to sit in the middle seat. It's all windows and aisles.

6:55 am - Hey, in flight wifi!

6:56 am - Hey, it's $8 and will have ads! I turn to reading a book instead.

7ish: I order a 7 up and get Sprite instead. Harmph, Harmph.

8:2ish - Glorious, misty sunrise. I get a pic this time as the person beside me slumps forward for me.


8:40am - Decide to delete photos of trip to Rocky Mountain National Park to clear a bit of space.

8:57 am - Finish deleting over 900 photos. Saved a couple in case I want to upload them.

7:26 am - Arrival at interchange airport. The phone's time updates. Next flight isn't until 8:35 am.


A very nice airport!

20151025_075902_Richtone(HDR).thumb.jpg.Care to guess which it is?

Enough of all these timestamps!

2nd flight was uneventful. 1 hr 30 min with a few good photos. The hamburgers were a bit stale.


Arrived here at Phoenix, Arizona! And now a 3-4 hour drive out to the Grand Canyon.

3:08 I think, I don't know what zone I'm in atm.- Arrival! The trip was quiet nice and had very sporatic Data availability. Desert, badlands shrubs, mountains, and forests. A very diverse trip. Despite being extremely sleepy I haven't fallen asleep. Sadly, my writing skills have fallen and significantly. Took a fair number of photos, but connection is too slow to do much with them at the moment.


Epilogue: This was a fun little experiment, this post! A travesty of the English language yes, but fun! Having had a meal more substantial than Airport tidbits and fast food, my head is a bit clearer. It is swimming, but I feel well otherwise. I have thus come to conclude that my deteriorating writing was more than just advancing fatigue and a phone's frustrating handwriting recognition (still using it, by the way). Instead these were compounded by the shift in altitude (+6000ft) and some dehydration caused by traveling in the dry air of planes followed by about an hour or so traveling through a desert. I should have hydrated better.

.As for what's next, the connection remains unstable, so I will probably opt for a post after the week or at least not so much. It's just as well, now that I have access to my Camera (and have recharged the battery that I forgot to before leaving) I don't have to rely on my phone's potato. But those photos will not be accessible until I get back to my computer.

As for what next in this vacation, we are now in the tourist-y area of the canyon. A lovely little set of upscale motel-style lodges and shops right along the ridge on a small slice of the canyon. A couple days will be spent on what they have to do here. Later, the real fun begins as we take on one of the most popular trails. Sort of a beginners course as far as the Grand Canyon is concerned. A day's hike down, camp overnight, and a day's hike up. Total of 16 miles with just shy of a 5000ft change in elevation. Quite a bit more than the hike in the RMNP. After that a couple more days vacation before flying back. I'll make it home around midnight in my native time zone... and then I go to back to work the next morning X(







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