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Animal Rescues Need Your Help in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey




Co written by Pup Matthias and Patch.


Joe Garcia and Heidi. Photo: David J. Phillip / AP

Hurricane Harvey has been one of the biggest storms to hit the US.  As a category 4 storm, it hit Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana over the weekend, filling our newsfeed with stories of tragedy, courage, and sacrifice. It puts us as a nation and people to the test. We’ve heard the stories: from big ones like the news crew finding a man trapped in his truck and flagging down emergency vehicles to help – to smaller personal stories of neighbors helping neighbors.

Outside of the storm’s path, there’s a lot of talk about how the effects impact the country in many different ways. (Our own Uncle Kage addressed evacuation from his experience as an Emergency Manager Coordinator.)  If you can only watch from afar, the most important way to help is by donating. Even now, all emergency organizations, along with groups and personal accounts are asking for donations to combat the damage Hurricane Harvey will leave.

This is a great time to highlight efforts to help animals. Furry news is a good place for it.  The Furry community has always been proud about raising funds for charity, and that isn’t just for cons.

We found him stranded on a car surrounded by floodwater. But I'm glad to report this dog abandoned by his owners has been rescued! pic.twitter.com/6Ggqe64GY9

— J.D. Miles (@jdmiles11) August 29, 2017

Remember that 250,000 pets were displaced or died in Hurricane Katrina, and some people refused to evacuate without them – it has become an important part of disaster planning, according to this video about saving animals in Hurricane Harvey. 

News stories from PeopleABC News, and NBC have covered more efforts to help animals in need. I’m sure several of you heard or seen the hawk story. Many others will struggle to be heard. Patch has been collecting as many as he can find so we can spread the word and assist with donating what you can.

Interrupting furry tweets to say: Texas animal rescues need help because of the hurricane. Please send ones that need signal boost!

— Dogpatch Press (@DogpatchPress) August 29, 2017

Another one. It's hard to find what's going on because of so much stuff to look at. https://t.co/ESaKBpoaFk

— Dogpatch Press (@DogpatchPress) August 29, 2017

To help out our furry friends, below are a few local organizations and GoFundMe pages that Patch found. We encourage you to share, donate, and provide info on others we may have missed.

Organizations and Funds:

More info about it. https://t.co/fNzz3K6uGc

— Dogpatch Press (@DogpatchPress) August 29, 2017

Please share. Need donations. pic.twitter.com/WjkeJycsRx

— Katharina (@nola_lady) August 29, 2017

Again, help spread the word and donate what you can. We Furries pride ourselves in helping those in need. If you have find others, please send them our way. There haven’t been any specific furry-fandom angles brought to our attention, but we can boost that kind of story unlike other places for news.

Like the story of the starfish, even if we might not save everyone, we can still save one and make a difference. Thank you to Uncle Kage for forwarding us that story.  And thank you for retweeting and reposting ours to help.  Until next time fluffer nutters, have a nice day.

-Pup Matthias

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