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Hurricane heartbreak: Dracokon’s house looks like Godzilla farted on it.




Poor Texas. I can’t wrap my mind around the extent of devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.  It’s taught me a few things I never knew, like, most of Texas has no fire codes.  That’s how you get to see a chemical plant blowing up worse than a bunch of MFF gas attacks. I think the lack of safety precautions is caused by political lobbying. The state is so big that their lobbyists can affect the whole country (and that’s how they control textbook buying too, so kids get to learn that jesus rode on dinosaurs.) In a way it’s all about putting short-term profit ahead of preparedness for the future. It makes as much sense to me as inviting Godzilla to stomp in and light farts on fire for fun.  OK, enough silliness though. I just needed a mental image to make you click for a good cause. (Did it excite you?)

Things are easier to understand when they’re personal. I wanted to see a furry side to the hurricane, so last week I posted about donating to animal rescues.  And I kept wondering, what happened to friends of the fandom in the hurricane’s path?


The answer hit closer than anything I expected.  Andre “Dracokon” Kon, friend of Dogpatch Press and syndicated furry news contributor, had his house and creative studio flattened.  And speaking of politics and profits (there was a reason) – Dracokon is getting double-stuffed by insurance and FEMA. (Is this another weird Texas thing?)

FEMA has informed me that they will be covering a grand total of $0 in property damages. This is because the building was zoned as commercial even though I fucking lived there. Between FEMA and insurance I literally have nothing, rebuilding will come 100% OUT OF POCKET.

He had insurance but they won’t cover it for absurd reasons. In my professional estimation as an amateur newsdog – arrgh!

The wrecked studio is where Dracokon made his Youtube content (Gatorbox and What’s Yiffin’) that we share.  He has been wonderfully generous with his time and talent. Every month he put exceptional effort into writeups to go with the videos just for readers here.  I hope that he’s entertained some of you as much as me with these posts:

February – March – April – May – June – July – August

To help him rebuild and get back to work, I have a favor to ask. Dracokon says there won’t be a What’s Yiffin’ for at least a couple of months, but if you can send a few bucks to his Patreon, even a little goes a long way.  It will get my thanks and his. Here’s what else he said:

As for what’s lost, my family as a whole was hit the hardest.  My father and I lost our workshop (we are self-employed), my parents’ home was damaged, and our insurance company just informed us that our mobile home (which my father and brother are currently staying in) will need to be totaled. I also live at the workshop. What’s left of it is the section that I live in, but the roof was partially torn off and water got in, so carpet will need to be replaced, roof fixed, furniture probably replaced, appliances replaced, etc.  Right now I’m staying out of town until Friday, after which I have to go back to Rockport and just hope that power/water is restored.

I have the Patreon page for Gatorbox, but I also have a direct PayPal link.  (It doesn’t have my name associated because it’s the business account of the company that pays for Gatorbox.)

We were at least a little fortunate because the walls of the workshop collapsed like dominoes and sort of “shielded” what contents inside didn’t get broken outright. Everything along the back wall that got ripped away was lost though. It was mostly just appliances on that wall, but it was also where the breaker box was kept and where some of the larger tools like air compressors were placed. Getting power back to the workshop will likely require completely rebuilding the circuit. Supposedly my computers are okay, but I haven’t been down there to check so I can’t confirm. Fingers crossed.

We've confirmed that the @gatorbox set/studio has been demolished. We are now on indefinite hiatus until further notice. Thanks for 5 years.

— Gatorbox (@gatorbox) August 28, 2017

I'VE DECIDED TO LEAVE GATORBOX'S PATREON PAGE OPEN. If you'd like to contribute to the "relief fund", please pledge: https://t.co/3vzhZLOcPl

— Dracokon / André Kon (@Dracokon) August 28, 2017

Look, I'd like to imagine I'm above begging for money, but I'm completely fucked. If I've EVER entertained you in some form, please help me.

— Dracokon / André Kon (@Dracokon) August 31, 2017

Just wanted to make another public thank you post to everyone who has donated to help cover the recovery costs of my property. <3

— Dracokon / André Kon (@Dracokon) September 2, 2017

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