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Found 2 results

  1. OKAY I'M SCREAMING IRL, I GOT A FULL TABLE AT AC2017 the email just came in a few minutes ago and I'm genuinely so fucking excited that i could run around the neighborhood in the frozen air for miles until either my heart stops, or somebody calls the cops on 'a half-naked child screaming and frothing at the mouth' for being a general disturbance. I've been waiting for... I think a full month now for any word, and I just can't contain myself now that it's here and I GOT IT AAAAAAAAAAA As a small business owner, this is huuuuuge for me. Mega huge. I had a half table this year, and I broke even, so this might be the thing that takes my business off the ground! After I'm done flipping the fuck out, reality will set in concerning how much work this is going to be, and it'll crush me, yeah. But for now, FUCK YES!!!
  2. As most of you know, a bunch of us from here are going to AnthroCon next year. I would really like to have something memorable for everyone to take home (besides the wonderful memories), and I've decided to go with buttons! These buttons will be 3 inches round and the winner of the contest will have their design on it. Anyone is welcome to enter in the contest, even if you aren't going. (If you aren't, I will mail a button to you.) The design should reflect the Phoenixed Forums somehow, let it be abstract or the phoenix itself. Your imagination is the limit, and you can submit up to three designs. It should also have the year on it (It would be ideal to make meet-ups an annual thing, with a new button every year.) The close out date for submissions will be December 1st, 2016. There will be a poll for the winning design soon after. If there are any questions feel free to ask here, or PM me. If there is an important detail I missed I will update this opening post.
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