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Found 1 result

  1. Seasonal Sale for the upcoming Holiday Season! This is not something I normally offer and if I keep it as an option the price WILL go up! Get it while you can~ Perfect for gifts! Mini Sketchpage Commissions by marbledaydreams $40.00 USD Mini Sketchpages will include: 1 full body2 waist ups2 busts3-4 panel mini comicDetails: All sketchpages are fully colored and shaded. Exception to the mini comic which will be colored to suit the style. Final canvas size is: 1000 x 825 pixels, I can make it larger upon request, however, you will not get more drawn than the above mentioned.All sketchpages will be completed on or before the week of Christmas.I can draw human, furry, kemonomimi, closed species, ect. The only thing I will not draw is muscle heavy or bulky characters.Upon request I will draw these sketchpages to a theme, for example: Christmas sweaters for the holidays, blood splattered for a more dark theme, ect. As it comes closer to the holidays and my workload increases I might restrict slots so as to be able to complete them on time. SFW is preferred, however, I would be willing to work with you on something a bit more NSFW.I DO DRAW: Original Characters, Fanart, Self Inserts, Real People, Suggestive Poses, Smut, NC-17, NSFW, Characters with no Prior Drawn Reference, Genderbends, Crossdressing, Furry, Human, Kemonomimi, Lolita and J-Fashion I DON’T DRAW: Bara, Really Bulky/Muscle Heavy Characters, VoreI accept face claims and written descriptions as reference as well as drawn or otherwise depicted reference. How to Order: Send me a note via the forums or an email at marbledaydreams@gmail.com. titled "Sketchpage Commission" telling me what you were interested in as well as a few references (if any). Do not send payment until you have contacted me and I have agreed to your request, please.Await my response. I take about 12 - 24 hours to get back to my customers on busy days. After the commission has been approved, I will give you a full form outlining the details of the commission and confirming the payment method. Payment can be made via email through paypal OR debit card through Square Cash. A small fee of $3.00 USD might be added to paypal transactions.Once payment is received I will begin working on your sketchpage! Note: Orders are completed in the order they are received. This means from the time I receive payment not from the time the order was placed. Thank you for your time! If you like my work and are interested in other things I offer, check out my Commission Thread: https://phoenix.corvidae.org/topic/549-marbles-commission-thread-updated-110415/
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