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This is 2015, it would be absolutely fuck all to implement a system where an apprentice's hours could be tracked electronically.

Where I'm at, I still have to mail in my stupid fucking record book to the apprenticeship board, and wait for those assholes to send it back to me to get my fucking ticket.

I finished my apprenticeship, passed the provincial and red seal exams, shipped out my record book, and started applying for shit as a journeyman... For some reason, I was stupid enough to figure 3 fucking weeks would have been plenty of time for those pricks to laminate a fucking piece of paper and send it to me so I could start taking work again.

Pretty much every workplace up north and around here shuts down right before the holidays, and I was really, really hoping to find a gig before everybody quit hiring until the new year, but fucking nope. I had three fucking calls I had to turn down, one of them was for what sounded like an fucking awesome job, but those fucking assholes haven't mailed me my fucking ticket yet. FUCK.

I couldn't even apply as an apprentice beforehand, because they have my FUCKING BOOK.

The best part is phoning the pricks and going through 100 different options on the phone - where the computer-bitch has to recite every fucking thing she says in French and English before you can select an option - all while getting bounced between every bullshit department, while "my call is very fucking important to them," "it will be answered in the order it was received," "my approximate wait time is 45 minutes," the stupid fucking elevator music, all for them to say "Oh, we're still processing that, I don't know anything about fuck all... Have you looked at our website?" Yep, I know all about your website, I tried to figure this shit out on my own, YOUR FUCKING WEBSITE TOLD ME TO PHONE YOU.

I fucking love being broke around Christmas, here's a pile of fucking nothing from me everybody, boy I sure look like a fucking winner.

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