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My Design Sketch And Sculpt


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Hey Everyone.


Even though I said I'm no artist, I draw a bit year ago because I always want to have some physical character species design for my game's universe, Xenocrystalloid, rather than stay in my head forever, also as possible reference. I never learned probably, just pick and draw, so it take quite sometimes to draw, bad lining, anatomy suck, and I can only draw 3/4 face. Well, I draw while I have a break from developing my game anyway.


Sorry for rather small size (click to enlarge) and waster masked thing, first time posting online, can't be too careless, if it even matter. Also blog-like. :$


Firstly, Evolved Dimaeros Character design, I spent much time drawing these because it's my protagonist, and have 7 primary forms. Although I design based off Demon and Gargoyle, but most see it as a Dragon...

This is my first draw of full body.

Fire Old: J3d86Kkt.jpg

Then I draw again later

Fire New: PYeBzR8t.jpg

Well, I went extra and colored this form.

Fire Colored: DSHM6Vot.jpg

Ice: R9nuT3Dt.jpg

Wind: lfD6ISvt.jpg

Water: Anjunhpt.jpg

Electric: EpUTLSVt.jpg

Earth: wPrlBdWt.jpg


So here's my other species designs in my universe.

Hillfur jXAhT3Wt.jpg

Well, a bit for gorilla, boar and lion, it should be muscular.



Old: P1QR3Jjt.jpg

New: jitTQFLt.jpg

Well, Birdie, bat thing, but try not to too bird, old design are, well, ugly. Somehow reminded me of Gryphon.



Old: zCuDNdgt.jpg

New: GwNc2Z5t.jpg

Well, fish, lizard. Old design are just too, fishy. I can't seem to draw 3/4 face of this specie.


Actually, my character aren't main Dimaeros specie appearance (Each Evolved Dimaeros have a unique appearance, due to their biology), but I didn't have time to finish the base design yet.


Then, this year I went to sculpting and a bit of modeling to make a species for my game, no protagonist yet though, as its not on current timeline.





I can't do wings!




Not sure if I can do another sketch and drawing right now nor have thing to draw. Thank you to come by anyway. :D

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