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Playing Dragon Age: Inquisition.


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This is going to have to be quick for now, because I need sleep before work.


I really, genuinely like this game. The only parts I don't like about it is, well, the fact that if I play the way I want chances are good that bad things will happen. The choice system is fun, but also limiting - why would I pick a choice that feels like what I would do if it ultimately causes the game to move in a direction I don't want it to? So, of course, I have to make the right choices. Which, of course, means more or less spoiling the entire game before I finish it, because God knows I won't want to invest this much time in a game for a long while, unless it's Minecraft (yeah, I know, I'm like 10 years behind on my gaming experiences and shit). 

The party of four thing is INFURIATING - I like lore, so you have to have a rogue for completion of lore. Only problem is I hate playing as a rogue - it's a very fiddly way to play because you're having to keep your damage buffs up. Mages don't have that problem - you just cast spells, spam with your staff, and kill anything that gets in your way. I hate playing as a rogue, but the rogue companions in the game are all great - I'd love to have them if I could but I LOVE playing as mage. And I don't want a rogue taking Iron Bull's position in my party. 

Aaaaagh, shit drives me nuts. But I love every minute of it. 

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I've heard good things about Vivienne as a Knight Enchanter and how if she's built properly she'll rip through whatever's in her way easily, although they may have nerfed KE's abilities somewhat at this point - the game is a year old by now, nearly two. I like Dorian for his snark and while it would be great to have him be Inferno/Necromancy, Elemental magic is so easily resisted by all the enemies later in the game. Which in turn makes me wonder if I should go back to being a rogue. Won't bother with Solas because, well, reasons and shit.

But the thing I dislike about being a rogue is, well, it's not the same level of easy that a mage is. You have to worry about positioning. You have to worry about tactical mode - gotta have your tank pull before you show up all stabby-stabby, otherwise you'll get smacked around hard. You also have to worry about your buffs - lot of rogue talents deal with things that increase your damage, which usually don't last. Even WoW got that right - have poison on your weapons as a passive, not a buff you have to keep up. Fuck that noise. 

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