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TTS Kingdom Death campaign


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Starting on Tuesday night I'm going to begin a weekly Kingdom Death: Monster campaign.  I will be taking requests to join the campaign on a basis of availability to attend and consistent attendance over the coming weeks and months. Spectating is welcome and encouraged, as with the way the game is structured, any spectators will be able to jump in should a regular participant not make it for a session.  There are 4 player slots by default, but it's possible to go up to 6, but it's not fully advised. I'd like to keep it at 4 players at first. The handicap with more players makes the monsters become a bigger HP sponge, so I want to avoid that.


Kingdom Death: Monster is a table top board game RPG that plays like a board game version of Monster Hunter with a Dark/Demon's souls theme. A session consists of 3 phases and takes about 90 minutes each (session total, not per-phase). The full campaign would take about 25 sessions to complete as players progress their civilizations advancement, make choices, fight monsters for resources, and deal with encounters and story events.  Sessions phases consist of the Hunt, the Showdown, and then the story-heavy town building phase. The main mechanics are dice rolling, so RNG is a major factor.  Character mortality is high. Expect to die, be dismembered, or even go insane. Characters lost will be replaced by new stock from the town you build up and have some of the benefits unlocked from your town's tech tree unlocks so they wont be completely behind in ability.


Table top Simulator has a great module that I picked up for Kingdom Death. While it would make it easier to play, TTS is not required as I can stream footage of my TTS client and I can move player tokens, roll dice, and zoom in on equipment cards for you as requested. Since this is a co-op game, there are no hidden hands of cards that would make this hard to work out logistics wise. I'd also like to suggest we all use Discord for our voice chat, as it's clearer and more reliable than TTS's in-game voice chat. Finally, we'd be using Google Drive with a Spread sheet for character sheets and town record keeping.


I would like to set up the first session this Tuesday late evening. PST, I am in California. The night of the 29th. It is my night off (I work night shift), and I'd be free and able to have the game go as late as players please. IF there is enough interest in this, I will step aside in playing a character for myself and will run this as a host-only. Future sessions can be planned by players interested in continuing after playing the Prologue (A tutorial Showdown and Settlement session, skipping the first Hunt phase, vs. an easier version of the first monster). Future sessions can be pretty much any evening in the week, as long as it's planned ahead, except for Mondays as I have prior engagements that day. And/Or, the late night midnight hours of Monday/Tuesday.

Signing up:

If you are interested, let me know here as a comment so I can easily have a look at who asked. Leave a contact such as Steam, Telegram, G+ Hangouts, whatever you use.

I can be contacted in many ways, though to be honest, Telegram might give you the fastest response time. G+ Hangouts would give the 2nd best results and Steam 3rd. Same name everywhere, HappyWulf.

I've been wanting to do this for a looong time and I just want to share this amazing game with some more people, as well as get some more play time with it. So even if you don't think you can make it, but know someone who might be interested, please let them know.

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