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BeadSprite head badges + icon


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I made a post on my Twitts for my reopening of doing pixel badges. I have a simple design that would come out to be about as big as your hand, somewhere around 20x20 to 25x25. I stated on my Twitter that I was running a Holiday sale with it as well. But any inquiries that come in from here I'll keep the sale going until Jan 5th. 2016 The sale price will be $5 off the price shown below, so: $25

How much, and what do you get?

$30 will cover everything. Shipping, the physical badge, and I'll even throw in a 100x100 icon that I create to help me use as a guide for the physical badge.  The option of having holes showing on your beadsprite is an option up to you.  The benefits to having holes is that it is more uniform on front to back, while the solid look looks great on one side, but will more often than not look warped on the other, but the solid look is also more durable and less likely to snap.  I will show you the icon before I make the physical badge for your satisfaction.

A link to the original Twitter post is below, as well as some pics of the icons and a solid-melted badge.  I guess PayPal is the easiest way to take payment: HappyWulf@gmail.com should be used for that. I've made a lot more of the icons as well, but I don't want to spam the thread just yet. I can post them if requested. ;3 most of them were done as surprise gifts while I was experimenting with this template.  I'm also avalaible on Telegram, Steam, G+ Hangouts... I'm pretty easy to find and contact.

Since I'm still fresh on this whole thing, I'm going to keep 5 slots, even though I highly doubt they'll all get filled up. >.>




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