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that happens only in high level greater rifts now, which is about the only way to get a standing among leader-boards....

procuring gear happens like snot now, especially with all of the options to either reroll a legendary or upgrade a rare one. it isn't hard to get the items to reroll into the legendary you're looking for at all...

t6 is easy as all helll, and working past t10 is where the trouble starts...

there's people with 85+ gr under their belt, but that's where you can't go solo anymore.

i made it to 57 with my crusader, and i've been struggling to get at least a 58 in, but that just doesn't happen... i picked a bad character for it, barbs walk right through that shit.

there's a guy that ran a 68 sader with 'round 2 minutes left on the clock. HOW THE FUCK!?!?

maybe with 2.4.0 i can revive my condemn build, there's a pile of buffs coming up for something that kicked ass in s1.

i was hoping for a big-time hammerdin boost (something like a proper wizardspike), but anything to keep the paladin name alive...



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Damn, to think I was talking about beginning to play the three parts of StarCraft II and I didn't even think far enough along to mention Diablo 3 to myself! I have (along with Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, and Legacy of the Void) Diablo 3 and the Reaper of Souls Expansion installed, but I haven't started playing any of them. I think I'm just going to go my usual fistcannon route and play a Barbarian (I played a Barbarella in D2 base, then a Druid in Lord of Destruction, although I never finished either...still have my raw saved game settings, so assuming I can get D2 installed proper under Windows 7 it's certain not out of the question), although the Witch Doctor sounds like a lot of fun.


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