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Everything's new! Re-introduction...

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Oh man! First off, I'm glad to see the forum's online once again (it looks all new, it'dtake me some time go get used to the graphics and knowing where's what and so on). Too bad I've lost my old post count! xD But hey, new site, new life.

Hi! I'm known as Valery91Thunder on art sites, but generally people call me either Valy, Valery or Valyce. I suppose many people have frequently seen me in the Art section of the old forums; it's no doubt I joined the ex-FAF mainly to promote my commissions, but later in the years I've learned to lurk more and more among the different sections, enjoying the discussions and such. I've always wanted to partecipate more to such threads, but due to my neverending shyness I've always felt a bit eh... out of the cirle, so to speak. This time, I'll try to be much more talkative and to partecipate more because, like many members, I've always seen in the old FAF community a nice place for discussions of all kinds without the hugbox feeling that is on other sites.

About me; I've been drawing cartoon animals since I was little but I got closer to the community in 2006 and I've always thought I had a few interests, buuuut...

I like to watch some toons from time to time and I do enjoy watching 80s humorous-splatter b-movies (and I have frequent celebrity crushes). As for what it concerns music, I'm a great fan of everything that's even remotely Glam Metal (but other Rock genres will do as well!); I used to be bassist in a pop-punkish band, but we stopped performing long ago and now I just play my bass whenever I feel like it. I'm a little rusty nowadays. I collect Game Boy games and accessories and I'm mainly interested in 90s gaming systems and stuff. I've studied Foreign Languages at high school and I love learning everything about them everytime; I've also graduated from tattoo school and I'd like to work as a tattoo designer/artist. I like Halloween and goofy/funny/humorous gore things although I'm a bit (read that as A LOT) of a scaredy cat when it comes to realistic horror games with jumpscares.

Most of the times I just like to goof off and have a good time with my friends, wether I met them irl or online.
And that's it! Can't wait to join into more threads, and maybe make some new friends. =D

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