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I know, you're not supposed to talk about it... but I gotta, it's eating me up!

Apparently this game is quite popular. I was watching my fav streamer today and Rainbow Six Siege was down for maintenance, so rather than play MKX like he normally would have he decided to buy and try this new game someone in chat suggested and most people on his Steam list was playing... I nearly stopped watching because it didn't sound interesting to me, but something kept me viewing and it turned out to be an entertaining half hour or so that I watched him play it before I had to go to sleep.

It's basically a jock guy's life simulator from what I can tell, but for some reason it's awfully appealing. There are many references to other fighting-type games/movies/shows scattered throughout. I'm probably going to get it as soon as I get my next paycheck. I've already started planning out what I might do with stats. Will be a good temporary time killer while at work when I can't play R6S, need to keep volume low and can't play anything requiring a lot of focus/quick action.

Does anyone have this game and want to talk about it? You know you want to!

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