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As you can see im a Mustang guy, heres the specs


Currently i have a 2007 Mustang GT Deluxe, and a 1996 Mustang GT, the 2004 listed was hit by a van in a parking lot.

2007 Mustang GT Deluxe
4.6L V8 3V SOHC
Manual TR-3650 Transmission - 5 Speed - Same as the 01 Cobras had.
Shelby Red Stripes, Painted on not vinyl.
Brembo Brakes with Drilled and Slotted Rotors
Aluminum Driveshaft
3.55 Ford Racing Read End Gears, and Limited Slip
K&N Cai
Steeda Strut Tower Brace
Flowmaster Axlebacks
Dyno Tuned for 91 Octane
Cant find the dyno sheet atm...

1996 Mustang GT
4.6L V8 2 Valve SOHC
4R70W Automatic Transmission
3.55 Ford Racing Gears
8.8 Positraction Differential
Custom Cai
Straight Piped with no mufflers, and 2 High Flow Cats, and a crossover in H pipe style
Dragon 75mm Throttle Body and Plenum
Cervini Dual Ram Cowl hood, Stalker Style, not a knockoff but a real Cervini
Remote Tuned by Bama

2004 Mustang Stroker Convertible
4.2L v6 2V OHV Built Stroker Motor - Built by me
4R70W Automatic Transmission with J-Mod
Truck high torque Cam
Pacesetter Shorty Headers
2.5 inch true dual exhaust, Deleted Cats, Custom 2.5 H pipe, Flowmaster 40s
Demon High Voltage Ignition Coil
4 inch Cold Air Intake
Ported and Polished Intake Manifolds with half inch Phenolic Lower Manifold Heat Spacer to keep IATs cool
Ported and Fully rebuild Heads
ARP Studs
Auburn Positraction with 3.27 gears from a ford ranger
SVT Cobra Front Fascia
Dyno Tuned using SCT
301 ft-lbs / 217hp - not super hp but looots a torque






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1 minute ago, Xander Venterus said:

IF your referring to the handicap spot parking, my placard can be seen hanging in the window, i have a severely damaged L2 vertebrae from when i was hit in a crosswalk by a drunk driver.....  Walking is painfull to varying degrees depending on the day....

I very clearly did not see such a placard, carry on then xD

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