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Need help with fabric (sheets on a bed)


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i need some help with drawing (or generating) bed sheets with semi-realistic folds and wrinkles at a top-down angle. Google isn't any help so far with what i'm looking for. So far i have a bed, bottom sheets, the subject and pillows. After an hour or so and failing so many times can't seem to figure out how to lay a quilt realistically over the subject. if i were to simply DRAW the cover sheet a single flat color, i'd be all set but i want to apply a pattern or something to it. i also want to play around with draping the covers over parts of the subject without completely covering everything. "Warping" a flat textured image in photoshop just makes the covers look stiff and too rounded. i need something more...random.

Does anyone know of a simple fabric wrinkle simulator? Photoshop plugins? Resources i can use? Hi res photo library?

For clarity, this is a top-down view of a full size bed with the subjects lying straight in the center. Something like a quilt or a plush comforter is supposed to be covering roughly a 3rd of the subject around the bottom (waist) and to one (or both) side(s).

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